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Monday hair


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Well, it's Monday morning and my situation is looking much better than it did on Friday afternoon. After finally convincing my husband that my panic about coming home had absolutely nothing to do with not wanting him to come home, things calmed down a little bit. I got on the phone but ended up hitting one roadblock after another. Apparently, the RN and his physical therapist had determined that he was doing so well, there was nothing that could have been cone in an in-house rehab facility that couldn't be done at home. So...what a weekend it's been!

I had been running all week....to work and then to the hospital, so my house was a wreck and I hadn't even done grocery shopping. As soon as I got him home and somewhat setteld in, I had to run out and get four prescriptions filled. Waiting on that gave me a little time to pick up soe groceries. Of course, the doctor gave him a script for Nexium and his Health First insurance didn't cover that. The pharmasist said it's for the stomach and anytime you're taking anti-inflammatories, it's hard on the stomach. The cost for the Nexium was $149.00, so I asked if thee was an alternative. The pharmast pulled a package ($9.99) off the shelf and told me the ingredients were identical! I was already p***** off at the entire medical/insurance profession so hearing this didn't help my attitude.

I went home, after working all day, and pulled a 6 hours shift of laundry and cleaning. This was all done between doing everything that a private duty nurse would have been doing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about caring for my husband. I'm just ticked at all of this money I pay every month for supplemental insurance an knowing in-house rehab wouldn't have cost us a penny for 14 days.

Additionally, my house was a swinging door all weekend. In addition to visitors, there were people setting up medical equipment, physical therapists and nurses. So, today at work should prove to be somewhat restful for me....lol!

The dog has been doing better than most of the people that have been coming and going. I really think I'm just very tired and all of this brings back some not-so-good memories of 7 years ago when Dennis began Hospice. For the past two nights, I've had dreams that it was Dennis I was caring for.

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and kind words. I have no idea what I would do without your guys throwing in ropes and pulling me through these bad times!!!


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Good morning, everyone! It sounds like you really have your hands full, Ann. Hang in there!

It was 35 degrees this morning as I rode to work, but felt colder as I had to ride against a really stiff north wind. It's cloudy and humid, and supposed to get up to 48 degrees this afternoon, then start snowing tonight.

It's just another exciting Monday here, chemo day for Rose, and support group day for me. Have a great day, all!

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Morning all! Donny you did beat me and I am so glad you did. But were you peeking in my window somehow when you typed Monday "hair." LOL

Sorry you haven't been feeling well but even so, we're happy to see you onboard more often.

Ann, I have to tell you. When I read your post from last Friday I thought, oh dear, she's going to have big time flashbacks to caretaking Dennis. It's only normal. I just wish you could have someone take over if only for a few hours so you could just chill.

Bud, you all are expecting snow in Texas again! I'm feeling for all of you people. I got a funny email a few days ago called diary of a snowman. It was so funny. If I can figure out how, I'll post it.

What am I thinking. I'm in no shape to figure anything out. Been up since 7:10 yesterday morning. Couldn't sleep so started on the balance of the taxes about 4:30 am. Just sat down for a break and hope I can get up again lol.

Have a great day everyone.


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oh Ann, I wish you some peace today!

I have had my favorite 2 year old visiting for several days - during which my brother in law died suddenly - my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer - and I have the worst cold i can ever remember having -

so - today, in this once again quiet house, I think I shall be a slug!

have a wonderful day everyone - get some sleep Judy - and try to have some "you" time Ann, and get ready for more snow - here in CT they are predicting it for Tuesday through Saturday!



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Janet, it sounds like you deserve to be a slug. Things not going real well there and more snow to boot. Is that a pun kinds sorta.

Ned, I was thinking the same thing. My husband told me awhile ago, if you want to know anything about the meds you are taking, as the pharmacist.

I had my husband call me from AL and wake me. I napped three hrs after being up more than 30 hrs. I still have some tidying up for the accountant but my appmt isn't until tomorrow afternoon.


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