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Morning All! Just made it morning. Late again and on Ann's favorite day. I may have to take a Hall Pass soon. Am frantically trying to get caught up to go on our trip on Sunday and stuff keeps interfering. I'm recalled of the old adage, watch what you wish for. I love social interaction but sometimes it can be too much. We had a young couple call last night. They are friends of relatives. They visit our little island from Indiana every year and always call to have dinner with us. The first year I was dx'd they even came to the house to visit me. We like them alot. So dinner out tonight--that makes four social events this week if you count group. I'm tired and getting fatter from all the eating out lol.

Hope you all have a great day.


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Nice to hear you're getting out Judy and don't worry about the weight. You're a tiny thing anyway LOL

I too am heading out today to take care of the transfer of my husbands truck over to our son. Then off to get him some insurance. The rates I pay for that truck are too high since I'm a home owner and they want you to have all that extra coverage which I can't afford right now.

I posted on the FB profile that I feel like a vampire being inside the house all the time so I'm hoping this venture out will help. Maybe we can even stop for lunch together someplace.

Getting low on xanax and they won't give me any more for 3 more days. ughhhh I also read on the internet how addictive xanax can be and I don't want that to happen so I'll start to tapper off this time. I think keeping myself busy will help with the anxiety and panic attacks. This is why I'm so anxious to get back to work. Slow process, but it is on the way soon.

Anyway, have a good week end everyone and as I always say....don't forget to tell someone you love them today?

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

I missed stopping by on my morning break again. My cell phone is telling me it's time to replace it, so I spent my break online looking at cell phones.

Judy, I don't think spending a week being a social butterfly now and then is going to hurt anything. Michelle, enjoy your day out and about.

It was 48 degrees as I rode to work this morning, and forecast to get near 70 this afternoon. Today was the 4th day I rode to work this week, giving me 100 miles for the week. Following last week's 225 miles, this is feeling more like the kind of mileage I like to ride.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Friday....my absolute favorite day of the week....is finally here!!! My son asked me why my favorite day of the week isn't Saturday or Sunday, since I don't have to go into work at all on those days. But, as I explained to him, there's just something that makes me feel good on Friday. There's nothing like that feeling when you pull out of the parking lot at work on Friday, knowing you don't have to go back until Monday. Plus, there's always that feeling of excitement and anticipation that you get on Friday. When Saturday afternoon hits, then I'm already realizing that my weekend is half way over and I start dreading Monday. So, that's why I love Fridays!

Judy, I know how you feel about going out too much. The first week of every month is very bad for me. I have so many meetings that week and I just crave staying home and catching up. I seriously doubt that you have any weight issues to worry about, as your pics always look great!

Michelle, I hope your day out goes well! I'm sure you will be able to get your meds adjusted so that they will work right for you.

Bud....Happy riding in this warmer weather. It's supposed to be 78 two days in a row here next week. I know that our Judy is doing a great big happy dance at this news!!!

Have a good weekend!!!


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