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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! OMG Friday's Air was so refreshing I'm glad mine got lost. So good too see all you guys onboard and Mike, not offended. You got my first laugh of the morning. Ned and Donny, I know what you mean. I had three great days this week--Tue, Wed and Thur--but yesterday I was wiped. Like Donny said, happy to have the good ones.

I did do an Air yesterday. I remember capitalizing the day for the working folk. My computer is going a little screwy since putting in my new antivirus Vipre. I can't blame the lost Air on it because that was after. I am confused why I consistently get some "care" site in India when I type in lungevity.com from Firefox. I've lost GoogeChrome altogether because I made the wrong response to Vipre. It had become my favorite. I'm back on IE which I almost abandoned because it's not been efficient lately.

Only 63 degrees this morning but that's up since yesterday. Thank goodness no snow. I think today might be the first day of Spring, does anyone know? I'm trying to sit on the screen room with Stan more before it get too hot lol. I just put on a sweater and throw a little blankie over my legs.

Have a great day everyone.


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Yup, 1st day of spring, 10 degrees here, gonna get up to about 45 later. I been up all night, sweety just went to work so guess I'll go take a nap now. Sometimes I just like to stay up and watch her sleep. Sometimes her sleep is rather fitful cause she worries bout me. Love is grand. Now I'm ready for a nap.

I'll go ahead and leave the light on cuz I'm sure someone else will be in before too long.

Night all, see ya later.


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Good morning, everyone!

It's 37 degrees with a 30 mph north wind here. This morning's heavy thunderstorms have already moved through, and it's just cloudy and windy now, but they've issued a winter weather advisory. The snow is nearing Wichita Falls now, and is supposed to be here this evening. I sure am glad spring is here, otherwise it might get cold, or something.

Rose has already gone to work, and I'm sitting here with Pixie in my lap. That's probably about as ambitious as I will get today.

Have a great day, all!

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A beautiful looking first day of spring. First tulip blooming out front, a huge sprawl of clematis on the fence. The sour cherry tree has started blooming too. We took a pretty long walk yesterday and might have to go outside today too. Time to start thinking about a hat?

Judy - your post ended up on the end of Thursday's Air - since Friday's turned out to be all male, I think the rest of us decided to just let them have their day!

My Tarceva assistance has been conditionally approved for a year. That's very good news. I wonder if insurance caps will be allowed if/when this health insurance reform bill passes? Or if insurance companies will be allowed to drop Rx coverage? I've only read the brief lists, guess I should try reading the full text (not very likely.)

Has anyone looked at "Year of Giving"? Interesting idea - clearly hoping it turns into a book or documentary?

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I am confused why I consistently get some "care" site in India when I type in lungevity.com...

Judy, try lungevity.org instead. :P

Wow, Vipre sounds sort of violent. I'm not familiar with that one. If you like Google Chrome, you should be able to download and reinstall it. Or maybe all you have to do is restart it and answer "yes" when it asks about being the default browser. I agree, staying away from IE is probably a good idea.


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Had a nice peaceful day here in Nebraska. Temps got up into the 40s with no wind and plenty of sun. Hope you all had a nice day also. My thoughts and prayers go out for all those who are going thru treament,who have just been diagnosed and to all who are caring for and have lost loved ones. I hope you all get a good nights sleep. Goodnight everyone.

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