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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Bit late this morning,11.15am,great morning here,sun splitting the trees not a cloud in sight.What a stooshie over the Icelandic volcano eruption,well it seems the high atmosphere dust has passed Airdrie by,Just to confirm I ran my finger over my cars roof first thing this morning,only thing on it was some condensation.

Since it is such a nice morning I am going to give the grass its first cut of the season,fork over the borders,then to B&Q to buy some bedding plants,must get a haircut before going back to work on Monday,its a shame my holiday is just about over-these days just fly in dont they?Youll get a bit of a break from me,for a while -who said hooray in the background?-however I will be back with a vengence during my two months holidays in July and August.

Judy hope you have recovered well from your chemo,was it a one off cycle?

Bruce I must have missed your conference at the castle notice,anyway enjoy yourself.

Bud what a time of it you had with your bad reaction to your chemo drugs,never knew such things can happen,glad you had a good recovery,makes you think though.

Judy I enjoy the bird life here as well,we get quite a variety,most of the birds in my garden are resident,they include,magpies,blackbirds,mistle and songthrushes,blue and great tits,redstarts,robins and wrens to name a few,just so relaxing sitting in the garden at this time of the year,listening to their different songs.

Beatlemike concur with your thoughts at night being magnified,my worst time was just on wakening,to realise my cancer was not a dream,always got up then get active just to break the negative thoughts spell.Thankfully with the passage of time this type of thinking is almost gone.

Ann Iam intrigued to hear about the Vietnam Moving Wall,never heard of this before,it sounds like a fitting tribute to all the soldiers fought in that war-well done you for your support of the event,your menu is mouthwatering and only $5,can you send some over?anyway what are Legion Riders and SOS?

Have a great day everyone.

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Morning All! A bit of a chill this morning. Stan asked me to close the door he'd opened before I got up lol. It's 74 now so we'll probably be good for near 80 today. Of course sun shining and breeze blowing but winds have died down some thank goodness.

Oh Eric, don't tell me you will abandon us. I will assume (with the help of my friends when I sleep in lol) the job of opening the Air again but you must chime in when you are able. You've brought a breath of fresh air (pun intended) to the site.

Off to the office this morning folks. Can't put it off forever. Found out yesterday I'd forgotten to pay the feds employment w/hdng online and they won't let you post until the next day. Prompted a rush to town to deposit it directly to the bank so it wouldn't be late. That meant, for me, rushing around and getting ready to do other errands while I was there. Now off to the office so I can go directly to my massage therapist at 1 pm. I missed it in March and I am so ready.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 62 degrees as I pedaled to work this morning. It's supposed to get up to 78 degrees this afternoon. It's cloudy, and we had a few showers during the night, but nothing like the floods they're having in south and west Texas right now.

I was planning on making that Lake Fork trip this weekend, but now they're calling for showers and thunderstorms on and off all weekend in that area, not exactly the best conditions for trying to spot a bass on a bed. I may revise my plans.

Two months of holiday in July and August, Eric? I think I like that job already. Are they hiring? Congrats on the anniversary, Ned! Glad to hear you're holding up well after that nasty old chemo. Have a great day, all!

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I had the best 8 hours of sleep last night that I have in ages! What a wonder.

Today, I am going on a tour of the new Gates Foundation, still under construction. It is huge and I have to wear boots and a hard hat. That should dampen my exuberant hair.

Does anyone else eat squashed fly cookies, also known as Garibaldi biscuits? I brought some home yesterday and M says he had never had them before. The ones I bought were made in Vietnam, I think. Sold at the Vietnamese grocery store. I found a recipe on line and since we were given a bunch of raisins (should use currents), I may have to try making them.

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Hi Stephanie,

Sure, Garibaldi biscuits are very common here and I love them,would have thought raisins are in the recipe although my wife thinks the opposite-take your pick,anyway whats the New Gate Foundation?I really must migrate to America to keep up to speed.

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I can use some leg lengthening, so I will bite.

Gates Foundation - as in Bill and Melinda Gates. The foundation is building a huge campus just North of downtown Seattle. So far, there is a multiple level parking garage with a green planted roof, and two of three buildings are under construction. The grand opening for this phase is scheduled for April 2011. http://www.gatesfoundation.org/500-Fift ... rters.aspx

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