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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Yeah! its the weekend,havent posted much but I have been reading the forums,currently having a fine spell of weather,havent seen much rain for weeks,unusual for Scotland.Todays a bit cloudy but warm,maybe the sun will break through later?.

Judy,been trying to encourage my wife Sally to get on board,but its difficult,maybe shes thinks she set it on fire or wipe all the files clean?however I think shes beginning to bite,having read your posting on slow cooked fruit cobbler and oven baked chicken,she wants to know if oven baked chicken is roast chicken or it another way of saying chicken casserole,bet she will become involved soon.

Bud I think you have illustrated a saying we have in Scotland,which is one of my favourites "We are all Jock Tamsons bairns",your coming home from work habits,mirror mine exactly,dont knock it.

Donny-Thanks I have discoved your location,you are now officially flagged in my Times Atlas.Casper is much the same size as Airdrie.I was looking in the right area Bighorn Mountains,is White River Indian Reservation a place to visit to see American Plains Indians at home and learn about their history and culture,I would love to visit such a place.Scots were certainly born to roam,always interested in finding out whats over the next hill.I have been to Rome,St Peters,Villa Bourgese,Colliseum,Tivoli and Hadrians Villa.Also went down to Sorrento to take in Pompeii,I was not disapointed,it is just breathtaking-put it on your bucket list.

I did see the oil rig fire on the news here,we had a similar one here some years ago -Piper Alpha-a lot of lives were lost,glad to hear Bill was not involved.

My college runs a health week for the students starting on the 3rd of May and staff are expected to make a contribution,and in a mad fit of stupidity I"volunteered"or rather browbeaten into giving a presentation to the students,oh I hate Alana Moss and her persuasive charms.College has approx 9000 students although probably only 2000 in daily attendance,this is not a timetabled presentation but an open invitation to students,so I have no idea how many will show(might end up talking talking to myself but on the other hand?)ok buddies put youselfs in my spot-anything you would like to say-I can can say on your behalf?

Bye for now.

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Morning All! Good to see you Eric. I was up at 5:45--this has got to stop lol--but it takes me awhile to wake enough to post. Are you talking about cancer prevention at health day? If so, I'm sure people here can share some interesting facts about LC and the need for research in our specific cancer.

I know what you mean about fb Randy. I keep trying to find the balance. I really enjoy my farm there and lots of you folks who lost spouses to LC have moved on there. I definitely understand the need for that but miss those who no longer post here and I get to interact with them there. Not as intimate tho, more public and casual.

Heidi, I remember when we started pumping our own gas in PA. What a boob I was for awhile. Still am, sometimes I can't remember what side of the car my tank is on.

Eric, tell Sally we would love to hear from her. Oven fried chicken is chicken pieces dipped in evaporated milk and dredged in corn flake crumbs seasoned to taste. It's baked in the oven. Oh, and don't forget the butter melted in the pan first. My daughter tried making it for years and I finally remembered I forgot to tell her about the butter. She laughed and said yeah, maybe that was her problem.

Need a little venting this morning. I had invited two couples for dinner tonight. Small, manageable dinner party. One couple I invited declined because they had church Sat evening and were scheduled to come for dessert. Crock pot cobbler is big, no problem. I replaced them at table and last night the female half of the first couple came over and said they'd changed their plans and would come for dinner if we still wanted them. You all know I'm no shrinking violet and can say what's on my mind. But I'm taken aback sometimes at people's rudeness. I said o.k. Now my table will be a little cramped, I have to add chicken and salad to go around and am generally annoyed. At the same time I feel I'm being inhospitable, the more the merrier, right?

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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If I had gas money and time I would be there in a heartbeat Judy!! Wouldn't stand Y'all up on a dinner !!!

Eric, get your wife to post up some recipes ! Maybe we could get an online exchange of ideas going here with others for healthy recipes!! Could be fun!! after all LCSC has published not 1 but 2 cookbooks!!!

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Hi Judy and Randy,

Just back from the supermarket(I get them,Sally gets to put them away)and the car wash,went to Argos,our cordless phone has gone on the blink,bought a goodie I think.My cancer presentation is completely open ended,as I enter the main entrance to the college,I pass many students in that area,puffing on their cigarettes,I thought I would focus in this area to raise awareness of possible later consequences,thought I would tell them about my cancer story,I extended an invitation to Susan Christie of ,she the Roy Castle Org and she replied she would come adding she was keen to meet me in the flesh-ooooh(hope shes not disapointed)I will get the oppertunity to find out why my story didnt appear this month in her magazine.Susan did send me some information slides from a power point presentation,which may be useful.In preparing a lesson I like to source materials from many different areas then compile it into a format I am comfortable with ,thats why I was looking for any pointers from the buddies,that would add to the learning experience of my audience.

Asked Sally about Randys recipe exchange idea,her response was I can only cook "ordinary food"she is being modest,but she is a bit shy,I will continue my efforts in meeting you all,because she could gain so much in your friendship.

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Hey folks

Only 8AM here but I'm already hungry after reading all the post about food. Judy I'm with randy and certainly wouldn't stand you up. When are you coming to Canada again ? LOL

Eric I did a story in our local paper a couple years ago for lung cancer month. Along with talking about the risk of smoking, I also tried to include the amount of people with L/C that never smoked. I find that alot of people I talk to that doesn't smoke, has a false sense of security that they cannot get lung cancer. Just an idea for ya.

Well it may be Saturday but I still have to go into work for a few hours.

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Hi Bruce,

So good to hear from you,thanks for your suggestion, I will stress to the students that lung cancer could be contracted even though they have never smoked, another bit of infro I found in the UK is that the incidence of lung cancer found in males is declining yet in females it is on the increase?.How did your conference in Banff go?that was such a beatiful picture you sent of the hotel you were staying in,I am so jealous of you -grrr-what kind of work do you do that compells you to work on a Saturday?anyway wishing you a great weekend.

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Yes Eric i did make it back from the conference but really wanted to stay. The hotel was even better than expected. They gave us a tour of the "castle" and I found out it has 768 guest rooms as well as staff accommodations, 7 restaurants, etc. I was really surprised at all the movies filmed there. World leaders and celebrities are regular guest and the tour guide has worked there since 1962 and had some great stories. Marilyn Monroe was one of his favorite guest.

When you are out of the office for a few days that work just keeps piling up Eric.

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