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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Another sunny day in KW. The winds don't look too bad and I'm hopeful Stan will have a good day fishing. He got an invite from a neighbor to go along with him. We're laughing because this guy and Stan used to be oil and water. We've been reaching out and he was one of the people we had at dinner Sat night. He can be a difficult guy so I'm crossing my fingers. People do sometimes mellow with age.

Finger prick at the Center, group and dinner tonight. I really have to get busy starting to get the coach ready for the trip. It's all cleaned (not my job!) and I help haul stuff and put everything away. We try to start early so it's not all at once.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 45 degrees as I rode to work this morning. The forecast high for this afternoon is 75 degrees.

Enjoy group and dinner, Judy! I hope Stan has a good day fishing. Have a great day, all!

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Good Morning! I hope everyone has a great day. Yesterday was one of my hardest days physically since surgery just praying that today is better :D It is 50 degrees this morning with rain, in fact rain til Saturday :cry:

Portland is one of the few places in the world outside of France where you can take your dog to pubs.

There is the interesting fact :P

Have a great day everyone!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Bit later posting to-night-buzy day.Weather ditto yesterday.

Judy,nice to hear you have put out for a difficult neighbour,that takes a bit of courage,Iam sure mutual benefits will accrue.Here we go again Judy,how can I keep up with your social whirl?what coach?what trip?where Iam I?

Quiet day to-day nothing much to report,must get on with my script and lesson plan for next Wednesdays presentation for Health Week,I really want to pull to-gether all the snippets of information I have collated,and do a smartboard centred lecture,just finding the time,Iam sure it will go OK?fingers crossed.The World Championship Snooker Semi-Final has just started on TV,Englishman Steve Davis has surprisingly knocked out the current champion in the quarter finals, fellow Scot John Higgins Boo-Hiss,actually everyone likes Steve,he was a great champion 20 years ago and at 52 years old it is a remarkable achievement,oh snooker by the way for those who are unfamiliar,is played on a billiard table,it originated in India,I venture to say it is a much more skilled game than pool.

Bye for now.

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Hi everyone,

On late today. The weather is sparkling and beautiful today. High 62 F. That is very warm for us. We Michiganders are out in the sun, squinting our eyes like ground moles coming up from underground. Only our underground is snow!

Our newest project is finding a new dog! We have Gibson who is a German Short Haired pointer, and two rescued cats. Gibson grew up having a brother, Huey, who was an English Springer Spaniel. Well, Huey lived 14 great years, and left us last year. We feel we are now ready to pour our love on a new brother for Gibson.

We have debated on getting another Springer (which I adore that breed), or maybe a Lab, or a Labradoodle! They are the cutest dogs. But the dog must be started, house broken, and at least one year old. In the 18 years I have been married, I have trained a lot of puppies, and while they are adorable, I am done with chewed tables, carpet, furniture, the oops as they get house broken, etc. Told hubs I'm too old to be teaching a baby pup how to be a nice pup.

In closing, THANK YOU to everyone that has responded to my depressed post! I have updated that with the latest, and am feeling hopeful for change in the circumstances.

Judy in MI

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