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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 62 degrees with a howling south wind this morning. It's supposed to get up to 85 degrees this afternoon.

There will be no ride to work for me this morning. It's surgery day for Rose, reconstruction and they are removing her port, so I will be taking her to the hospital in a couple of hours.

Have a great day, all!

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Well second attempt at posting the first one was lost. I am making this one much shorter and sweeter lol. Bud my thoughts and prayers are with you and Rose today. I hope she has a successful surgery and quick recovery.

I enjoy reading about haunted places near my home but am to chicken to check it out but here is my interesting "fact"?

Vancouver - Officer's Row - Nelson Residence - Reported in the local paper - There is a house two spaces left of The Grant House on Officer's Row and the house is home to Admiral Paul Nelson a great grandson of the former president William Howard Taft. when you enter the house on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday then you will see that the grass in front of the house is dead and brown and when you go inside there is a substance that looks like blood dripping from the walls...in the paper it said that Admiral Nelson's wife has spent hours among hours scrubbing the walls and the blood keeps appearing, no one knows for sure why blood drips from the walls or why the grass keeps dying and coming back to normal. - WARNING if you don't look up Admiral Nelson's phone number and ask him if you may come check the house out then he will consider you trespassing and you will be arrested and if he does let you in he frisks you for cameras and audio recording....no joke so be careful.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Couldnt post yesterday,no internet connection,gave up trying,however to-night no problem?.Sunny,cloudy,warm with a sort burst of rain to-day-Spike Milligan the late English comedian, quote"Clouds are holes in the sky where the rain gets through".

Judy,thanks for the geography,Key West now I.D.d in my atlas ascribed with "Judy" formally.I hope everything goes well with your trip to MDA,and you have a lovely time with your son and daughter,please pass on my regards.Really looking forward to your "live" roving reports from Ohio,Indiana and Pennsylvania,late June.

Laurie,Gosh you must have clocked up some miles going round 45 states (I think-or is it 46?)Id love to try that,although I would be a bit nervous as I have never driven on the hand side of the road.I cannot remember if I had mentioned my daughters drive across America two years ago from New York to Los Angeles.She phoned me each day and described the adventures of that day and I plotted her journey in my atlas as one continuous line,the main towns and cities she passed through were,Philadelphia,Maryland,Memphis,Little Rock,Dallas,Houston,San Antonio,Phoenix,Las Vegas,San Francisco.Hope to hear about your planned trip in August.

Donny-sorry but I have just got to give you some more homework-why would Lieutenant Caspar Collins have a fort and a town named after him?as Spock would say "Fascinating"If I get to complete another item in my bucket list ie drive across America,Caspar is on that list.You dont know anything about crossing America using Amtrak do you,might be an easier option for me?

Judy my fingers are crossed that you are feeling better,liked the story about Grand Rapids,do you know which of the Indian tribes lived in the area and do they still have a recognisable community there to-day?

Calintay, you would certainly enjoy the ghost walk in old Edinburgh among a few dwellings where there are many "credible"reports of ghostly visitations,I have heard it is scarey stuff-no I am not going.

Bud,last but not least,please pass onto Rose my very best wishes for her operation I will pray everything goes well and she has a speedy recovery,look after yourself.

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Would like to add on Spikes tombstone reads the inscription

"See- I told you I was ill."

On a prior(of course) occassion he went into an undertakers shop with a friend climbed onto their counter and laid flat out,rang the bell for attention and shouted"shop"

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Evening All! It's been a long day and when I finish in the computer I'm headed for the sofa.

Got my haircut. Visited friends from NJ who were related to my dear late friend Jim. I love spending time with them. It makes me feel close to him. I miss him still.

I've been enjoying the facts of different places. I especially like your Nelson Residence tale Heidi. I sure wouldn't cross that guy lol. It called to mind the many ghost stories I've heard in Key West. Will copy a snippet of one of the most famous, the doll still being housed in the East Martella Museum.

According to those who know, Key West is one of the most haunted cities in America, and one of the most famous island ghost stories surrounds Gene Otto, a painter born in 1900 in The Artist House. As a child, Gene received a doll as a gift. He named the doll, "Robert." From the time he received the doll, Gene's life began to change... and not always for the better. Gene blamed "Robert" for his many misfortunes, and many people who knew the family agreed that "Robert" was indeed responsible for a host of evil deeds.
The story goes on. Next installment tomorrow.

Eric, Spike sounds like a character but that line is also cited as being on a tombstone in our KW cemetery. Wonder who can claim it first lol.

Bud, give my regards to Rose and tell her I hope her healing is quick and pain controlled.

Judy in KW

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Hi! Happy Thursday.

Eric - thank you! And the tribes we had along the river were the Ottawa, Ojibwa (Chippewa), and Potawatomi. And our State allocated very large amounts of land for the Native Indians to live on their reservations. They do to this day. In modern times, our leaders realized that these people needed to have a focus for their energy, and allowed construction of huge casino's that are scattered all over our state. They are the beneficiary of the profits from these. It's great to see!

I enjoyed the story about the tombstone that says "see I told you I was sick." Cute.

Bud, hope the surgery went well and she is resting comfortably.

As for how I'm feeling, nothing's changed. Woke up screaming at 2:00AM again. It's the weirdest thing, when the spasms start, they invade my dreams, and in the dream I'm trying to walk it off, and nothing is working. Suddenly I wake up and I'm disoriented and just out of a deep sleep. I have to get a towel, soak it in hot water, and wrap it around the affected area. It's very distressing. But I remain optimistic that the doctor on Monday will be able to figure what is messed up.

My hubs is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the next 3 days, so I'm baching it! I adore my husband, but do enjoy when I get short amounts of time to stay in my jammies all day if I wish, which guess what I did today????? :D

Judy in MI

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