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Morning All! Not a particularly bright sunny day in Key West. It's 78 degrees, overcast and muggy. Don't know what the forecast is.

Have to admit I was here earlier this morning and left without posting. Was hoping someone else would start. Am having trouble focusing. It's count-down to my scan on Wednesday and I'm getting a little freaky. My eyes are going thru their most difficult phase--sticky, burning and very light sensitive. And I have to start packing to load the coach. Am having trouble getting into that.

I thought of an interesting fact about KW. For those who have never been here, I think you would be surprised when you went down to Old Town. Very few palm or other type of trees you think of as tropical. Old Town is full of trees with large trunks--some huge like the Banyan--and wide spreading canopies. Lots of them are floral and added to that are all the other flowering smaller spreading or vining plants. The end result is beautiful but not what most would expect of a tropical island.

Randy, glad to see you on FB. You are one of the people I was thinking last night I haven't seen on this site or that in a little while.

Hope you have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 72 degrees with a south wind gusting at over 30 mph as I rode to work this morning. Storms are approaching, but they're supposed to be gone by the time I head home, and it's supposed to get up to 86 degrees this afternoon.

Rose is home. She's sore, but doing well. I'm on vacation next week, so when I leave work this afternoon, I won't have to return until a week from Monday. I'm not making any far away trips, just going to do some fishing, and some things around the house.

I hope your eyes are better soon, Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning! Ah, what a beautiful day. We may get to 80 today with sun shining and gusty winds. It's beautiful.

Judy, hope you get to feeling better. Don't know what is up with the eyes, but hoping it clears up soon. Glad to hear Rose is home and doing well, Bud. A week off! Relax and have some fun!

Today I have to prepare for a convention coming in tonight in our town. Lots of work involved. So I'm dashing a note here, and then off I go! I hope you all have a lovely day.

Judy in MI

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Judy,Im sorry to hear your having the eye problem again. Prayer said you get good scan results. Bud,Im glad your Rose is home. The temps have been ok here but the darn wind makes being outside less than pleasurable. Typical Nebraska spring. Little tidbit I found interesting.(Today in History, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide,they were married one day,the year was 1945).

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Judy went from a part time job to a Part time and full time job! Going to work in about 5 hours for about 18 hours!! work 24 hours at Ruths and about 32 at Simple kneads bakery now so YA wont see me as much but will be around once a day at least!

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