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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its May day holiday monday-Hooray_the suns out here,blue skies not a cloud in sight,this of course means lounger out back with book in hand,who could ask for more,oh got to cut the grass out front first,temperature probably hit mid sixties,thats hot for a Scot.

My daughters play opens this week "The Libertine" in the Ramshorn theatre,never missed any of her stage appearances yet,its my 61st birthday on Saturday,an ideal oppertunity for booking a pre-theatre meal at Quas Italian Restaurant for my sisters et al,

however,one problem my daughter was out here on Saturday with her boyfriend Chris,and she made it clear to me,she didnt want me to see this play due to its extremely rude dialogue,so still to decide how best to celebrate my birthday,bit of a bummer?.

Chris compiled all my notes on my smoking and lung cancer for my presentation on Wednesday into power point to allow me to project my work into the colleges smartboards,so even if I dont shine my power point will.Hope do get a good audience and it has some effect on the students,in getting them to even think about their smoking habits.

Michigan Judy,wishing you all the very best to-day,hope you finally get to the bottom of your muscle spasms problem and can now get some long term relief.

KW Judy Iam praying you have a good news scan on Wednesday,I have had in the recent past similar problems with my eyes,it was a bacterial infection which was cleared up quickly with eye drops.Hey youve still got me on tenterhooks with Gene Ottos doll-Robert,hurry up with part 2.Have you the patience to hear about a true story about me and a spooky happening?you have?good,here goes.

Some years ago,my wife and I were on holiday in Barcelona we took a day trip to Montserrat it is mountains that are in the shape of ragged fingers,anyway it boasts of a beautiful cathedral set high in the mountains,they were not kidding the view from it to the vallies below was stunning,I noticed a long queue leading into the front entrance to the cathedral,I asked someone whats it for? the black madonna he repliedwell we wouldnt want to miss that would we says Eric with camera poised,well Sally said she could quite easily,anyway after a bit of further persuading,she eventually agreed to wait,well the queue continued right to the back of the church up a flight of stairs leading over the alter below,onto a upper floor still couldnt see this black madonna,could see some people bending over and kissing something? we drew level with the black madonna,which a roughly carved piece of ebony with a glass dome over it approx 2 feet tall,with an outstretched hand holding an orb which protruded outside the glass dome,oh my disapointment after all my queing-I turned to Sally and said,something like "what a load of rubbish"when I swear something grabbed at my ankles and pulled both my legs upwards and I fell on my back,Sally was hysterical couldnt stop laughing,she put it down to me slipping on the marble floor,after all these years I know I didnt slip,so if you ever visit the black madonna in Montserrat,

please remember to show some respect,you have been warned.

Hi Stephanie still doing Qi Gong,you must have biceps like treetrunks,is Qi Gong similar to Kung-Fu,nice to hear from you.

Randy you certainly have my admiration for the stamina you obviously possess in being able to work such long shifts,the unions here just wouldnt allow it,I hope you will soon have some time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Bud have a great week off,is Rose well enough to share your fishing expeditions,please pass on my regards to her,I hope she is less sore.

Have a great day everyone.

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she made it clear to me,she didnt want me to see this play due to its extremely rude dialogue

Isn't it interesting that our kids think we can't handle that sort of thing. Sometimes they must think we're prudes and have led an ivory-tower sheltered life. I know I thought that way about my own parents. I believe what it really means is that we've set a good example for our kids, didn't use profanity around the house, kept our conversation out of the gutter, etc. But I'll bet we could all tell our kids a few things that would shock them!

Have a nice birthday, Eric, one way or the other...


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Thanks Eric and its kinda tricky but I like to think of it as 2 part time jobs with about 20 minutes of travel time in the middle!!! Happy Early Birthday My friend!!!!

Click on the link!!

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Hi Everyone,

Stupendous day here today, 68 degrees, with a awesome lovely wind blowing beautiful spring smells through the house. Sun shining, blue skies, no complaints here.

Saw the muscle/skeletal doctor today. He asked lots of questions about my cancer, neuropathy, and shingles too. He took tons of notes, and ordered an EMG for next Wednesday. He told me to follow up also with the Neuro and Rheumatoid doctors. He said he'd consult with my Onc. too. One way or another they hope to find the answer to this. I pray this happens, as I had that attack Friday night almost put me in the hospital ER.

The black madonna story was funny Eric. Respectful indeed!

Hope everyone is well and starting the week off with a positive spin.

Judy in MI

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