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My mom has lung adenocarcinoma with a kras mutation. She had her tumor resected in '09 and then adjuvant chemotherapy (taxotere and venorelbine) for 8 treatments. Ct scan in July '09 was clear. 6 months later in Jan. '10 there was a recurrence in her lungs (10 spots). She went on Alimpta and Avastin for 2 treatments and Ct scan showed that it remained stable was did not shrink. Mom found out about a alternative therapy which she wanted to try so went off the chemo. Next Ct/Pet scan (May'10) showed more spots and that the others grew. Now she has to decide whether to go on Alimpta again without Avastin (because she is spitting up blood) or Gemzar. Help please as this decision is really difficult! Anyone know about this kras mutation and what would help most? Thank you so much!

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Thanks so much for the responses! Really appreciated! Read some info. on Dr. Wests website. Will contact him tomorrow...thank you! Her oncologist thinks she should try Gemzar since she tried Alimpta for 2 treatments and the tumors did not shrink, only stayed stable. But she feels she didn't give Alimpta enough of a chance. Also, Gemzar supposedly has more side effects and she is afraid. There seems to be limited treatments available for Kras mutations. So sad!!!!

Thanks again,


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After a couple lines of treatment, tumor shrinkage is quite hard to come by. But stable is good, and stable for a long time is very good!

My last tumor shrinkage was in early 2007, and since then I've alternated between periods of slight growth and stability. That's probably the best I'll be able to do, and that's okay.

Yes, please post a question at cancergrace.org. Take a look at the "GRACE Website Tutorial" on the opening page for guidelines. Best wishes and Aloha,


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