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Friday's Air


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Good Morning All,

72 degrees and sunny. It's a beautiful day, again.

This morning I'll pick up some friends to take them to the airport. They're flying to Minnesota, taking a bus to Iowa to pick up an RV to drive to Alaska. Sounds like a great trip. I'd love to be going along.

Then I'm off to work at church for the day. After church I'm going to visit my sister who is about an hour away. We'll go to an Antique & Flea Market Extravaganza in Mt Dora tomorrow, which is one of my favorite things to do. They have tons of antiques and I love seeing ideas for decorating.

Hoping you all have a great TGIF and can enjoy the weekend, stress free, pain free and happy.

God love you all.

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Morning All! Very blustery today. It was raining on my RV roof around 1 am this morning. Forgot it was only day two after my chemo and forgot to take my Ativan. Needless to say I'm running late this morning so thanks for opening Laurie.

Wish I was going to that flea market with you Laurie. It used to be one of my favorite things to do when I lived up north. We just don't seem to hit them right when we are traveling. And so many of them are just indoor junky new stuff now. I had plans to go to a huge Amish one in IN this summer that has an RV resort attached. Now that my next scan date has changed, I won't be making that particular leg of the trip with Stan. Bummer. Missed it two years in a row.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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It was 73 degrees and cloudy as I rode to work this morning. They're calling for a high of 82 degrees today. I missed all the storms yesterday, watching them off in the west as I rode home. This afternoon may be when I finally get caught in the rain; it's not looking very promising right now.

Have fun with your sister, Laurie! Have a great day, all!

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TGIF all! The sun is shining her in Washington and it will be a high of 76 today. Sounds amazing to me, one of our warmest days this year so far. :D Going to take the kids the coast this weekend. It will be my daughters first time going and my son has not been in over 5 yrs so it will be great :P Other than that just another day at work (ugh I mean paradise).

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Big blue skies, calm, just gojuss. Sposed to get to 60s today. Snow all melted yesterday. Maybe close to 80 by next week. Don't think anyone else gets as much weather as we do.

Got out yesterday to run a few errands and I'm stupid sick today to pay for it. Had to fill 3 prescriptions without insurance, over 400 dollars. Wow. And all they do is keep me breathing so I spose they are important.

I'd sure love to be doing the Alaska roadtrip with your friends Laurie, sounds fun. Al-Can highway can be really nasty this time of year, hopefully they will have a safe and uneventful trip.

Talk at cha later,,


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Bud, try to stay dry. Maybe you can hook up an umbrella on that bike--or not, it might not look cool lol.

Glad the weather is good and holds for you thru what sounds like a great weekend for you and the kids. Does going to the coast involve going to the beach? Hope so.

Donny so glad you are enjoying good weather. Rest up now and take that medicine. Sorry it costs you so much but We need you to keep breathing. Have you checked on assistance with it. Some pharmaceuticals are offering it.

Laurie, hope your friends have a great and uneventful trip. Hope they are renting that RV. We've talked to people who did the trip and they said the roads are HORRIBLE.

Have a great day all.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Beautiful warm sunny evening here,hope it continues throughout the weekend.Donny I can assure you we share similar weather changes,we cannot plan a garden babecue more than two hours in advance.

Jim was just telling me recently about his colleague John being promoted to sargeant,on his first court appearance since, he was to give evidence against a crook he had previously arrested.

John enters the witness box sporting his shiney new stripes- The judge was impressed"John can I express my congratulations on your promotion-how many years have you served my court?"

John "25 years my lord".

Accused to Judge "Excuse me your honour"

Judge to accused "Do be quiet and stop interupting"

Prosecution Bench "John may I on behalf of my team offer our congratulations also.

Accused to Judge "Excuse me your honour".

Judge getting irretated "Will you stop interupting,Ill get to you presently.

Defence Bench "John on behalf of my colleagues we would like to add our congratulations also.

Accused to Judge "Excuse me your honour".

Judge now really irritated "What is it you wish to say?"

Accused "Can I change my plea to guilty?".

Laurie, I share your love for visiting flea markets for antiques and bric-a-brac,enjoy yourself,I watch the Antiques Roadshow every Sunday evening on BBC,the numbers of people who appear sporting their item they picked up for a song that turns out to be worth a fortune is amazing.Good luck.

Bud surprised to hear of stormy weather in Texas,I always believed you had sunshine every day of the year, practically?

Donny cannot believe you have to fork out $400 on a prescription,wow thats a lot,in Scotland we have to pay a standard charge of £4 for each item on your prescription,regardless of what the item is,I suppose in every country its a case of swings and roundabouts, hope Mr Obama makes some progress in his health reform programme,if you dont mind me as a non-American putting my tuppence worth in.

Enjoy your weekend everyone,see you to-morrow.

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Well Eric, I got a link to Dwell Magazine's Postcards from Scotland - wish this was my trip. There are 4 reports so far. Interesting architecture and shops and the food looks good.


Good day in the PNW. Already thinned the lilacs (no more hazard backing out onto the street) and we will plant tomato starts this weekend. Seeds too. Kind of late for me, but probably plenty early.

My newest project - taking old t-shirts and turning them into scarves. I have some so threadbare around the edges, but with memories attached to the logos that I find it hard to part with them. I'm hoping these don't look stupid and that I will find them useful. I saw it online in a few places - there are a number of different styles, but this will be a basic rectangular patchwork in black and pink.

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Ok, a quick update here and off to Saturday's air. It was very blustery yesterday, blew the siding off the side of the church. I happened to be there for my morning life group, and saw/heard it and called maintenance to get it fixed.

Night before was beautiful though. I wrote about it on FB. Hubs took me down to the lake in the tractor which an easy chair hooked on the back of it. He set the chair on the dock, and we watched the sun set in the midst of all kinds of different birds, deer, rabbits and other creatures. It was so romantic and enchanting. We need to do that more often!

KW Judy I know of the Amish market in Indiana and it is a nice one. I love to go to that too! I'm sorry you will miss it this year.

Judy in MI

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