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eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Its 2.45pm here I am late in posting,surprised to be first?.Out early this morning,got to get to the church hall of ABC by 8.30am,I am the waiter this morning for the mens breakfast club,scrumptous meal of the works,bacon,eggs,hash browns,sausages sliced and links- 2 million calories per plate,thank goodness its only once a month,feedback (get it?) I was pretty good on service but they had been served previously with nicer looking waitresses-cheeky little devils.

Left church to the car park to discover my front wheel was flat,oh I must get fitter,I huffed and puffed changing to the spare.Went to the garage to get it repaired.Quiz time,put your hand up if you take your tyre to the garage for the repair of a puncture and the attendant shakes his head and says "Oh dear sir I am afraid the puncture is in a bad place,I am afraid you are going to need a new tyre".You know I dont remember the last time a garage actually repaired a puncture for me.Youve guessed yes I need a new tyre,£63 he says,I say I only want the one,I talk him down to £55,probably still was charged over the odds.

Stephanie,thanks so much for your link,I am familiar with most of the photos shown,but I still found a few surprises in there.The skyline of Glasgow has changed so much in recent years,I cannot keep up with it.Glasgow is now only second to London now for shopping,and with so many sights to see its an ideal place to visit.Charles Rennie McIntosh I just love this man,his architecture in Glasgow is stunning,also his furniture,I was watching Startrek on TV one evening and Picard was sitting at a conference table on CRM chairs,his work is timeless and can fit in with past present and future without looking out of place.You also mentioned the food.Well we always have some fun with the tourists,explaining to them about the haggis,immortalised by Robert Burns in his poem"Address to the Haggis"I have been to so many enjoyable Burns Nights where the haggis is served as a tradition,and it is a really tasty dish served with potatoes and mashed turnip.We tell the sassenachs(English)that the haggis is a game bird with one leg shorter than the other as an advantage of running round the Scottish hills,we even invite to a haggis shoot in the Cairngorms,and they are quite keen to come.

Heidi you mentioning taking the kids to the coast in Washington has me confused,there seems to be so many Washingtons in America,I thought you were in a landlocked State?Oh dear Ive so much more to learn of the geography of America,but isnt this a fun way to do it rather than sitting in a classroom?

See you to-morrow.

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Hi all, it's 11:18AM here. Not whining, but had a long night last night. Muscles were naughty and really caused some trouble. Tried Quinine, as my Physical Muscle doctor suggested. Didn't do a darned thing. Oh well, it's not worth b-tchin' about, does not accomplish anything.

Eric, I too enjoy learning about everyone's worlds. Yours intrigues me, and how naughty to tease the tourists! Can't wait to get over there and explore your world. I do believe the Washington Heidi is in is the State of Washington on the North West part of the USA. It is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and I'm betting she lives near Seattle. Or some other City near the coast.

I went on a vacation to Whistler, British Columbia, and we flew in and out of Seattle, stayed there, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and up the mountain to Whistler (where the Winter Olympics were held). Lovely country, lovely people, and Seattle is enchanting.

Well, it's still cold here, low 60's, overcast, and windy. Spring is taking her sweet time getting here, but it is beautiful no matter what. I don't mind throwing a sweatshirt on for the day.

Going to lay low. Seem to have caught a bug. Coughed a lot yesterday to the point that Hubs asked "what's up with the coughing?". Coughing is not something we like in our home. I didn't feel sick so I said I didn't know. Then I woke up with morning, which aches, and chills, and gunk in the chest and head, so I'm coming down with something. I hit the vitamins big time, and will drink OJ and lots of water and try to kick this thing to the curb.

Have a good weekend.

Judy in MI

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I was thinking the same thing Ned, Judy in Mi, have you been tested for Fibromyalgia? I had phantom pains and numbness for 15 yrs before I was diagnosed with it, sometimes it flares up really bad for no apparent reason and it's a bugger.

Overcast and cool here today maybe only 50 or so. Sposed to be near 70 tomorrow and the next few days then stormy again mid week. So far I am really loving our new truck, it's a really pretty shade of blue that is hard to describe.

I do agree that this is a much funner way of learning other folks cultures. I'm doing a very lazy day today, in fact I am about to go take a nap to get rested up for sleep tonight. I think I should do okay at it.

Take care all, stay happy.


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Good afternoon, everyone!

We had a serious downpour yesterday afternoon. At 3:00 pm, a half hour before I get off work, it was still pouring, and Rose sent me a text asking if I wanted her to pick me up at work. I thought the rain was going to let up by quitting time, so I answered no, that it wouldn't be the first time I got wet on the bike. Rose had just gotten home from her oncologist visit, where her latest blood test had confirmed that her tumor marker count was falling, and he pronounced her cancer free.

Sure enough, right on cue, the rain let up just before quitting time. I hit only light rain here and there on the way home, but the roads were wet enough that I was glad I have fenders on my commuting bike.

Since I had ridden to work four days in a row, and don't want to be too tired for tomorrow's fishing trip, when I will be taking Rose and her sister crappie fishing, I decided to settle for a short ride today. I did a loop south of Crowley, then followed my commute route north into Fort Worth, and stopped at a local bike shop, City Cyclist. I drank coffee and chatted there for a couple of hours before finishing my ride. I ended up with just over 40 miles.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Good evening! Great day at the coast with the family. We did some shopping, bike riding, eating, sand castle building, kite flying and seal feeding lol.

Yes I actually live on the Washington/Oregon border and we went to the Oregon coast. :D

Hope you all had a geat day.

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