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Updat on Mom


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FANTASTIC!!! I am so happy for your mom and all who love her. I remember the anxiety about the increase in between testing; however, I have now gotten used to it and enjoy the break. I'm sure your mom will too.

Take care and thanks for the great news today!


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What fantastic news!!!!! The last time I saw my Onc. he announced happily that I was now on a year check up schedule, my eyes got big, and I asked, how can you know it's gone for sure. He said, "I would never have told you this until this point in time, but your cancer was very aggressive, if you had it still, it'd be in your brain, or bones or liver. You are cancer free." He did say he couldn't guarantee a new one would not develop but that this cancer was dead.

What a feeling! So glad he didn't tell me this little fact until then though! Phew!

So happy for you and your family and of course Mom.

I read her story, and she sounds like an amazing and strong woman.

Judy in MI

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Linda, this is such wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for your mom and your family. Guess the one year wait would make me a bit scary too. I feel sure if she starts to feel different or has concerns that they could do one in between. I'm sure you will enjoy the break..:)

Hugs to you and your mom,


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