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Morning All! Happy Memorial Day. If you want to see a beautiful tribute to our veterans, check out Outriders post in the General forum.

Biked Boca Chica Road today but only saw a few bunnies. Saw several scatter when a white van passed me just before the bend where most of them are. Guess I have to get out earlier than eight. But it's hard to time the traffic.

Am going to get some stuff done today in the interest of pacing myself. The kids are due in less than two weeks. The coach is a mess with linens and stuff piled all over. Stan put a new inflatable mattress in the couch and the huge box is sitting in the middle of the living room. One kid with family will be sleeping there so we need to get it together, dust and vacuum and make up the beds.

No picnic or anything but we are having hot dogs and beans to celebrate the holiday lol. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Still enjoying bank holiday weekend,just finished cutting the grass,got rid of the electric mower,and bought a cylinder push type mower,to force myself into taking more exercise,it has certainly worked,I am feeling completely exhusted,but I know will benefit eventually,or have a heart attack in the process.Weather this morning sunny with blue skies,clouded over somewhat this afternoon,but very warm,think I will sit out the back garden and have a quiet read.

Decided to have a day out by myself on Saturday with my camera,weather cloudy but dry and warm,went into Glasgow and did the tourist highspots,Oldest House in Glasgow,the Cathedral,the necropolis which is really worth seeing,an old Victorian cemetry,where the elite were buried in over elaborate cripts and vaults to protect them from the resurectionists,who could carry their victims to the nearby Royal Infirmary?The necropolis is still in use to-day but I am assured the Burke and Hare types are gone.Drove over to the newly restored Botanical Gardens,however coundnt find a space for the car anywhere near the gardens,so had to give it rain check,went onto Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries,just also had a £50 million facelift a couple of years ago,and is looking great.Took lots of pics inside and outside,maybe get Chris to help me sent a couple to you online?

That completed my day,must take in another day to visit some more sights.Hope everyone is feeling good and enjoying the holiday.

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Good afternoon! We got a late start today.

Eric, I would love to see a pic. or two of each of the sites you mentioned. Please?

We're having a quiet weekend here. Two days of rain - heavy rain - so far. Not good for outdoor activities.


FYI. I'm sorry to appear soooooooooo stupid, but what holiday are you celebrating Eric? Sorry to have to ask.

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Happy Memorial day to all. I've been looking up my family on Ancestry.com, amazing. So far I know that my father's side of the family has been in the U.S. since the early 1800s. Still looking trying to find when we came over.

I've also been devoting alot of time to world military history of late. It is amazing that the world still exists after some of the nasty battles. Battles where the winner lost almost a million lives.

It all makes me very grateful and humble to be an American, no matter how much I disagree with some government decisions.

Gorgeous weather here to day, in the 70s, perfect for me clear skies, very gentle breeze, great day.

Hope everyone is having a great time.


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Hi Murial,

Nice to hear from you,I am lucky in having Friday and Monday off work as a bank holiday,most office workers in Scotland only get Monday off,I wish I had the skills of Ned in attaching pics with his postings,my daughters boyfriend Chris can assist me in this task,just the problem of pinning him down.I will post some in ASAP.I have found Glasgow Necropolis in Google,no doubt the other sites are there also,also try the Burrell Collection,this is a museum gifted to the people of Glasgow of his art collection he collected over his lifetime,from every part of the world,some of it very eclectic,but interesting just the same,the Burrell Collection is housed in a purpose built museum built in Pollock Park.

Judy,good to hear about your family visit in two weeks,I just know everyone will have a terrific if hectic time,especially with the kids,bet youll be resting up a bit after theyve gone,how long are they staying?

Donny I share your interest in military history ,particularly WW11,nice to know to-day is Memorial Day in America,we have such a day in November 11th.at 11am to co-incide with the ending of WW1. It is a moving tribute to all our service men and women who have served our country over the years.

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