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Sundays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Weather here overcast and warm,been raining overnight the streets are still wet.No Saturday Air?,been so buzy recently I havnt mailed for what seems ages.End of term rapidly approaches,mountain of paperwork to clear in the next two weeks,also to prepare for the move to my new office in the new building,dont know how I am going to like it,it being open plan with all our Design and Construction team all in one office.I will be sad to leave my small office which has been home to me for the last seventeen happy years,its being demolished to make way for the new car park.Oh despite a beautiful new building to move to I dont like change,I am also losing my friend and admin assistant,Rhoda to retirement, I will miss her for the cheery support she has given me all these years.I am also losing two lecturers from our school to retirement.We had a great night out for them on Friday night at a posh place called the Oran Mor,which apparently means joyful song in Gaelic,well we didnt sing,but we had a lovely meal,starter I chose-haggis, mashed potatoes and neeps,it was served on a sauce bed and it was delicious,sirloin steak to follow,if you ever get to this place in the future stay away from the sweet described as steamed ginger pudding with lemom curd,it was so disapointing,a tastless sponge,very dry served with a teaspoonful of vanilla ice-cream,dont ask where the ginger and lemon curd went.

Well the Football World Cup is now underway,I look forward to this every four years,unfortunately Scotland didnt qualify (again).Theres a flag shop in Glasgow who have announced to the public that their stock of Stars and Stripes is sold out,all the Scots are supporting America in the absence of Scotland,I was in Costco yesterday in Glasgow,and I bumped into one of my workmates,we got to discussing Saturday nights match England V USA,

casually asked him who he was supporting,he went into his trolley and brought out a tee-shirt with whole front of it with the Stars and Stripes,ok for anyone out there completely out the loop it finished with a 1-1 draw,I would have loved to have seen America winning,anyway its only the first game lots more excitement to come,watch this space.

My passport has expired,so I got the application form for renewal and my photo taken just in case I hear anything about the China trip?maybe no news is good news.Got to dash now and get ready for ABC,have great day.

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Not feeling the Haggis but Bangers and Mash or a nice shepherds pie always works for em at my fave Irish Pub!! not big on desserts since I am always baking them !! and Soccer or Football as You call it?? What is up with a tie!!?? Somebody has to win and someone has to lose in my book!!! No ties allowed unless your wearing a suit!! get that passport renewed asap so Ya can enjoy China!

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Hi Randy,

Come on,as much as I love bangers and mash and shepards pie,you cannot compare them to haggis,its in the premier league.Got to agree with you though about ties in football,some matches as you probably know end in penalty shoot-outs to add to the excitement,however you get 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw,so it still counts towards the prize of progressing to the next round.

Are you able to see the games on TV Randy?.Maybe some day I ll get to try one of your desserts.Really sorry you got to work weekends,hope you finish soon and get sometime to sit back and relax,see you soon buddy.

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Morning gents - and ladies.

Eric, wanted to let you know that we have a bunch of restaurants, bars, and coffee houses that make a big deal of showing the matches live. Even when that means 4 a.m. It's a growing trend. I remember a dozen years ago or so, there was one or two places in the whole city. One was an independent coffee place right on a pedestrian street. The area outside the front doors and windows would be mobbed with people trying to get a glimpse of the game or a buzz from the excitement. Good coffee helped!

The sun has been out in Seattle the last couple of days. So has the mountain. Mt. Rainier is probably 30 miles south of here, and when the clouds are gone and the air quality is good, the view of her (always referred to as feminine) is spectacular. You can be driving along the funkiest street, full of car lots, nail parlors, billboards and fast food, and the end of your vista is this enormous,snow capped mountain. We've got a wee view of the top out the south windows, threatened by trees blocks away.

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Weather here in So. Oregon is beautiful - finally! We too have some of the sports bars getting into the World Cup excitement. I think that is fairly new here - don't remember noticing it before anyway. TS - I sure hope I get to see Mt. Rainier next time I come up to Seattle (in two weeks) - it's always been hiding. Usually we arrive in the dark, and then at 7 am the next morning I have my treatment, and we head home - I always look, but it's never been clear enough. We did get to see Mt. St. Helens on one trip up. So am keeping my fingers crossed for this next trip. I love what I've gotten to know of your city - which is mostly the downtown area of course and the Lake Union area - and I've become addicted to the clam chowder and sourdough bread at Duke's. Not good for my diet - but it's the one treat I look forward to.

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Good evening, everyone!

I went fishing yesterday, caught some nice crappie, and tried out my fish cleaning station I built. It works great. Photos below.

I did a 200k ride today, and in spite of the howling wind, high humidity, and 96 degrees this afternoon, really rode well.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Here's the before photo of the cleaning station.


And after.


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