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Goals Are Good!


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Over the last four weeks my mom has met the goals she set for herself when she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer 41 months ago. From the beginning she said she wanted to see her oldest grandaughter graduate from college and her youngest graduate from high school. Well, last month she saw her oldest graduate from college and just this past Tuesday she watched her youngest walk across the stage at her high school graduation.

To be honest, last fall I didn't think she would make either graduation. She was gettting sicker and weaker and the chemo wasn't working. Then came the Tarceva and she became a new woman. Had it not been for these goals, I'm not sure she would have tried the Tarceva, but everytime her oncologist asked what she wanted to do she said "I've got to see my girls graduate" and he would say "goals are good" and suggest something new for her to try.

Now she is thinking about her new goals. Grandaughter # 1 is going to law school, so there is that graduation in three years, and then granddaughter # 2 will graduate from college in 4 years (we hope). Goals are good!


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