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Morning All! 85 degrees and sunny this am. I'm finally going out today--haircut and then dinner tonight. I'll let you know how hot it is.

Bud, you're biking by now I'm sure. Hope it goes well for you. I think it supposed to be fun????? Ann, if your group of women is anything like mine, you will have one eye half open with coffee this morning lol. Judy, the pic is adorable but I can see how he could trip you up. Hope your bruises heal soon. Eric, your office move sounds a nightmare. I've done it several times myself when I was working and don't think I had as many files as you but furniture and stuff ugh. I go a chuckle at your farmville comment--no physical effort at all. It's a virtual farm lots of us play on facebook. We do chores and engage in lots of cooperative projects but the only thing that gets exercised is our fingers on the computer lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everybody,

Weather to-day just beautiful,blue skies sunny and warm.I have been busy today,put the washing out on the line for Sally,went up to the supermarket for the groceries,then cut the grass with the hand push mower and then forked over the borders,just in time to watch the next installment of World Cup Football, Australia V Ghana,what a super game,end to end excitement throughout,also a bonus of Englands poor performance la st night,you know its times like this on reflection how blessed I am in feeling so good,and if it wasnt for my cancer dx I would have never met such lovely people as yourselves,if I ever post in the future of feeling down,do me a favour and remind me of to-day.

Judy what a laugh you have given me,thinking you were bringing in acres of an unknown crop,duh! what an idiot,my daughter got me on facebook as one of her friends,and I know Randy is on it,I dont use it since I have such limited computer knowledge,I havent a clue what its all about.

Jennifer my daughter,has invited me and Sally to dinner at her flat she shares with Chris now for fathers day.How things have changed,I remember as a teenager taking Sally to a party and we missed the last train home,so we stayed at the party all night,when we got home the next day Sallys father George,had just about pinned me to the wall,he was furious with me,reminding me that in future if I am taking his daughter out for an evening he expects me to bring her home at a reasonable hour.He has since passed away and my mother-in- law,Betty,what would I give if I could have them both back again,even for only a day.I am still having problems with this scrolling effect as I type ,Its so irretating,anyway I am taking my laptop with me tomorrow to see if Chris can download my Millport trip onto this site.Have a super day see you all to-morrow.

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Good evening, everyone!

It was 100 degrees today, with a high humidity and a heat index near 110, brutal heat for a bike ride.

Eric, I know what you mean. We need to savor our good days, and not get too down on our not so good days. Tomorrow is not promised to us, and we've already flirted with checking out sooner than we wanted.

Bud, good luck with the race.

It wasn't a race, Judy. Even when I had two lungs, I wasn't very fast.

Mark Metcalfe ended up not getting to ride with us today. He came down with a major chest cold. Lung infections and such are common after an ultra race as tough as the one he just did.

The four of us who did ride had a great ride, another of those epic adventures these long rides can turn into. By the stop at mile 99, the heat had gotten to all of us enough that we took a long break inside the well air conditioned store. I downed a frozen fruit bar, which always seems to do a great job of cooling me down quickly when I'm that hot.

At mile 108, as we topped a hill, Mark and his wife Linda were waiting with an iced down pump sprayer that they used to mist us with cold water as we passed. They leap frogged ahead in their vehicle, and sprayed us with a cooling mist a couple of other times before we finished the ride, then joined us for dinner at Chili's afterward. I ended up with just over 127 miles and completed the ride in 10:08.

I'm a tired camper now, but it was a fun day. Have a great Sunday, all!

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Bud - The only part of your ride I envy these days is the frozen fruit bar. Love those things. I get them when I walk to the grocery for the walk home (if I am not carrying much. and it is only about 6 blocks.) Particularly fond of the coconut ones, but alternate with fruits too.

I spent 2 or 3 hours in the yard today - no visible sun (temps in the mid-60's), but I got plenty warm. Planted out a bunch of volunteer squash plants, stripped an area of overgrown ground cover that I dislike, trimmed a few things. Came inside and fell asleep sitting up!

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Wow Bud, I so envy you. I can't imagine doing that, and yet when others post in my journal about their inabilities, it keeps things in perspective. I can do a lot of things, and I need to cherish them and not fuss about the things I can not do.

Thank you.

Judy in MI

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