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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 74 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 92. It's another humid day, with a 30 percent chance of rain.

The crappie fishing at Lake Granbury was tougher yesterday than it has been, but daughter Marie and I managed to bring home enough for dinner.

I zombied out in front of the tv the rest of the day, and today it's back to the grind. Have a great day, all!

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Mornall, bout 55 out right now, gonna be about 75 today. This is my kinda weather. When I quit fishing about 20 years ago, the fish were very sad. I fed them very well and never seemed to hurt any. The last 2 years that I fished I caught 1 fish, about a foot long Rainbow Trout. Heck I was skunked fishing in a hatchery. I haven't eaten a fresh fish in probably 30 years, and the fish love me for it. I've been half-heartedly looking for a camp trailer, hopefully can get out and do a little more camping but I sure am not up for all the work of the old tent camping that I've done all my life anymore. Hope everyone is having a good summer.

Laterz, Donny

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Weather overcast,some scattered showers,warm low seventies.Decided not to start the bedroom refurb to-day,still feeling a bit lazy,went round to my work buddies house instead ,Bill and May,made Sally and I most welcome,great blethers getting up to date with whats going on in each others lives.Off to Cumbernauld to-night to my sister Irenes,handing in a birthday card and pressie for her grandson,Max who is four to-morrow,hope he will be there,he is so funny,you always leave his company smiling,so if you are ever feeling down visit Max.

Tomorrow is the first Wednesday of the month,so its cancer support day at Stobhill Hospital,the group have been invited to visit the newly opened Marie Curie Hospice,been ordered to arrive sharp as apparently we are to attend a relaxation class before the tour starts,will meet Robert Lowe again,UKs longest surviving? sclc and nsclc patient, seventeen years now.We always have a great laugh to-gether,sharing the same sense of humour,cancer?forget it in his company.

Bud,just as well you brought along Marie fishing otherwise no evening dinner,well done Marie.Donny, hope you are feeling better and can find a trailer that suits you to enjoy a wee break from the routine.Bye for now.

that suits and you can get away for a time to enjoy yourself,and that you are feeling much improved. Bye for now.

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I rarely post here, but since you always start with the weather, here goes.

It is going to be 101 degrees here today. I do not even want to think about how much my electric bill is going to be. But, then again, thank God for a/c.

I am in work, only work tuesdays and wednesdays, it comes with the age.

Don't post often, but read very often.

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