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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 76 degrees and cloudy as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 86 degrees with an 80 percent chance of rain, and we're under a flash flood watch.

I don't usually ride with that dire a forecast, but they're calling for the same thing tomorrow, it wasn't raining when I got up, and I really want to get my miles, so I got on my bike and rode. We'll see how it goes on the way home. This is really unlike July around here.

I hope you weren't stuck beside the road too long, KW Judy. Eric, I'm also taking time to watch a sporting event right now, one of the few I watch, the Tour de France. Have a great day, all!

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Good Evening Everyone,

As you may have guessed with the pictures thats been posted in my daughter and her boyfriend Chris has arrived for dinner,couldnt resist the temptation to drag him upstairs to the study and get weaving posting in my pics,he is such a nice guy,he was happy to oblige,I did most of the work after he showed me what to do,but I still left him with some of the trickier bits.Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking the pics and sending them in.

Bud glad you get the tour de France,dont get it here unless I would subscribe to Sky Sports type channel,think the Scottish and British open golf starts after the world cup,isnt this great,and off on hols I can enjoy viewing during the day.Real surprise Germany being knocked out though,Spain were so good and energetic,the Germans just couldnt get it all to-gether as they did in the previous rounds,so its a Holland V Spain final on Sunday night,I am going to watch it at my sisters

Irenes house,with all the guys (and gals)so the atmosphere will be great.Got to go Sally will be getting annoyed with me up here leaving her with our guests.See you later

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Hi Everyone!

Woke this morning to dark skies and tons of rain. YEAH!!!!! Some of God's home made watering for the gardens and lawn. More storms tonight, and then the humidity is skaddaling out of here for the weekend!

Had a nice lazy morning, and then went shopping for food for a little gathering me and some girlfriends are having tomorrow at lunch. One of the gals in my bible study just got married, and we're going to give her a pressie (as Eric would say) and have a lunch. Looking forward to it!

Thanking about Judy in KW too. Scan day. Praying for only good news.

Eric, loved the pics. I'm so excited about the upcoming British Open. It is my FAVORITE golf event. Love the stories, the history, all of it. I will be watching it for sure here.

Well, better get going.....I have a meeting at church tonight, and need to make supper and eat before it.

Judy in MI

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