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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Real gloomy day today,persistant rain all day,we have even had a severe weather warning on TV regarding heavy rainfall overnight.

Really a bit of a shame with the Scottish Open Golf Championship ongoing at Loch Lomond,also the Pop Festival at Balerno Park this weekend called "T" inthe park.My daughters has been going every year with her friends for about ten years.

However this year,she sold her tickets due to being short of money,with her being currently unemployed.Cannot remember if I told you about her turning down a teaching job in Edinburgh,however she was then offered the same job in Glasgow by the company and she starts a week on Monday,hopfully giving my wallet a bit of respite.

Having bother with my computer just now accessing the site through normal channels,ie replies to postings,having to enter through Googling in the internet,hopfully this problem can be fixed?

Just going to watch the playoffs for third place in the World Cup Germany V Uruguay,then for the big one ,the final to-morrow night.

Enjoy the rest of your day

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Evening All! I promised myself last night I would pick myself up and be more of the upbeat me again. Well the days events have not cooperated. You know those days when everything you try to do turns to dodo. Yeh, one of those.

Randy, can never remember if you are in So or No Carolina? In any event from the time we got into SC my mobile internet lost connection. I did get some time last night at the RV site. Today I fooled with it for hours. Like you Eric, I found a way around my normal entry but Lungevity wouldn't let me on. They didn't recognize my password. They emailed me one but I couldn't get it because I could get on my comcast server. But here I am in here now on the same old password. Crazy crazy.

We're just into VA now and that is the worst state in which to get an RV site. We are actually parked in a rather shabby little park with no one home at the office. Hopefully, we'll settle with them in the am and not be rousted out tonight lol. There is no cable and electric service is low voltage but at least we are standing still.

Two days in and I start to get a little batty just riding and riding and riding. I had a great break today with a stop at Walmart--yeah!!!! Really, I can't complain. I ride like a princess with most of the comforts of home.

I'll try to get onsite in the am. Stan gets up so early and is ready to roll before I even have my eyeballs open but we'll see.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in Christianburg VA

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Hey all.

Was supposed to work the food booth today, but my spasms prevented me from that. I suffered through that during the night, and could not even imagine working the booth today. sigh

But it is what it is.... not going to be sad over this. Had a wonderful dinner with Hubs tonight celebrating our 18 years of marriage. It was so awesome. I am so incredibly thankful for him and his love through all I've been through. I have no idea how I found this man who loved me through this lung cancer, when he lost his mom and brother to the same disease.

I'm so blessed. I have a husband of 18 years who loves me in spite of what I brought on myself. I hate blaming myself for this, but I can't help it. I'm just very grateful that he loves me no matter what comes today or in the future.

We had a great night. So grateful.....

Judy in MI

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