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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Was up at 6 am to a chilly 61 degrees. It will be 57 tomorrow night in Blossburg PA. Brrrrrr!

Judy sorry about the spasms again/still. Glad you had a great anniversary evening though.

Randy, you'd think I could remember huh! Of course, we are always racing thru the Carolina but by golly one day we will get to meet.

Well, on the road again da da da da on the road again....Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Christiansburg VA

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Have a safe trip Judy!

I've had a good weekend so far...

Met an old friend (from 9th grade!) last night and it was fun catching up.

My son comes back from church camp today (been gone 5 days) and we've really missed him!

My 6yr old got her dream come true and finally got a guinea pig...named Moe-Moe, to go along with her beta fish named Mi-Mi. Her wish is to grow up to be a vet...we shall see!

I got some not great news that equated to someone thinking /having the perception that LUNGevity doesn't care about people affected by lung cancer.

While it's everyone's opinion to think how they want...that just boggles my mind because I KNOW all the things LUNGevity does to advocate against the disease and support people affected by it-- and hearing that really shocked me alittle.

I guess people are going to believe what they want from their personal experience or lack of experience and/or also from supporters of other groups bad-mouthing people they preceive as their competition...that's life I supposed.

I hate that competitiveness and inability to work together...we've tried so hard to foster that cooperation with other groups.

It's just that I love LUNGevity SO MUCH that I automatically assume others do to... LOL...

Have a great Sunday folks...I'm going to go enjoy some of it now and stop working and stop worrying about things today.


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Good afternoon, everyone!

I did a 70 mile club ride yesterday that followed the route that the annual Tour de Goatneck charity ride will take three weeks from now. It's a hilly route starts in Cleburne and makes a loop west through Glen Rose. It has some great scenery and the hills certainly give me a workout. It was cloudy and very humid yesterday, but didn't rain until after the ride.

This morning, Rose and I went crappie fishing. We brought home enough for dinner for us, and for Rose's sister, who is joining us for dinner and a swim.

It finally cleared up today, 96 degrees and sunny, but with all the water on the ground, it is very humid, so seems even hotter.

Have a great day, all!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Good grief,my post has just disappeared,going to have to start again?If anybody finds it gonna send it back.Just had a Fandabidozi day (I really enjoyed myself) Weather overcast with sunny periods.Went into Glasgow to visit my young sister Doris (Dot for short) to watch the last day of the Scottish Open Golf Champion from Loch Lomond,really lovely course and super golf,cant wait for the British Open from St Andrews starting Thursday.Left Dots to Cumbernauld for dinner with my other sister Irene,then settle down to watch the World Cup Final between Holland and Spain,not a great advert for footie,due to Hollands cynical tackling and fouling the Spanish players throughout the first half,however justice was served by Spain winning the trophy in extra time.

Judy,61 degrees chilly? dont be silly thats high summer T-shirt weather for me.Bud-count me out for Tour de Goatsneck,my maximum incline is six inches per mile,however wish you every success.Randy since you mentioned you live in Greenboro near Virginia I love to Use Google earth to see where everyone lives,I have Looked at the Florida Keys for Judy,Grand Rapids for Michigan Judy,Yellowknife for Bruce.However the version I am using when you bring up the USA,you get squillions of little cameras,and with no idea where Virginia is,what fun I had clicking on each little camera to no avail,did find West Virginia though so I must be getting warm.Must refer to my times atlas first to get a better idea of location.Why I am thinking of John Denver just now?

Talking about Google,isnt it amazing,you remember the photo I posted of the actors tomestone in the Glasgow necropolis? well the actors name was on it was John Henry Alexander,wel I googled his name to see what would come up,and it told me that he died in 1851,he was an actor and owner of the Theatre Royal in Dunlop St Glasgow,when in 1849 it went on fire and 65 people perished,he apparently never got over it and died shortly afterwards.Anyway its 12.20am Monday time for bed,oh by the way,I still cannot get on line directly using the reply links,my brother in law thinks there is nothing wrong with my computer,it must be somethind to do with the generated links?See you to-morrow God willing.

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