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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Beautiful sunny morning to wake up to,hope the nasty clouds stay away,could be a real hot one,maybe reach 70s? phew!.Hey computer link problem solved,seems I have been ignoring some e-mail update message and I got a reminder which I clicked and hey presto,my link to LUNGevity has been restored,I agree Katie,I just love this site,must remember to respond Katie to your request,to fill in the testimony of the benefits I have derived from being here,gosh that will be a long one,now where did you put it,its not in unread mails(thats because I have read it,silly old fool)now where would it be?not to worry I will soon track it down.

Thanks for the infro Muriel that was really nice of you to for going to the trouble of doing that for me,youve got me pointing in the right direction.Talking about directions would be brill Judy if in your travels you did bump into Randy,trying to follow your travails through USA,now where did you put Christianburg VA? VA is that an abrieviation for one of the States? cant be Vancover its in Canada?Nope just checked my Oxford Dictionary only two States begin with V,Virginia and Vermont,seems I am barking up the wrong tree?oh well back to the drawing board.

New admin assistant Liz phoned me,last week regarding some paperwork that needs tending to,pretty urgent to complete,so I am going into work this afternoon,forget the decorating,will really need to cut the grass also otherwise,I will need a machete rather than the mower,its all that blooming rain we have had recently,that stopped me cutting it earlier,honest.

Got to go,catch you later.

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Morning All! Forgot the blanket when I went to bed last night. Brrrr! It was probably 57 (expected last night) when I woke at 5:30. Stan got me a blanket and I went back to sleep. It's almost 8 now and a whopping 60 degrees. We were here last year for an unseasonally cold summer and I almost froze to death. Even Stan wore a coat. Should be great this year. the week's temps are supposed to be low to mid 80's. My kind of weather.

I spent the evening in the back bedroom of the coach trying to get something to watch (TV) on the computer. It took forever but I finally got to watch an episode of that new rookie cop show. Stan was entertaining a crew from the job. They cooked out. I bowed out and didn't even make an appearance since we had just arrived at the campground and I was up to my ears in peach peels before he told me they were coming . It was 5:20 and they were due at 5:30 or 6 pm.

Sorry about the VA Eric, yes it was Virginia. We're in Blossburg Pennsylvania now, staying at Bucktail Camping Resort. "Camping" because you stay in a tent, cabin, camper or RV. "Resort" because it's a mecca for kids. It's a nature setting but they have tons of stuff for the kids, and families roll in on the weekends when they also have events in a main pavillion including music and dancing. We don't partake but it's fun watching the kids and their parents have fun.

Stan's friend picked him up early for work. Sorry I missed seeing Stan before he left. It could be a long lonely working day for me--let's see, office work or laundry? I have the car so it better be the laundry. I may be housebound tomorrow and it's too long a walk to the laundry.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in PA

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Hi Judy,

Blossburg found (you are I 5 in my atlas)hey you could visit Judy in Michigan as you only about five inches away in my atlas,have a great day.

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Good morning, everyone!

The clouds are gone and it looks like we're back to just plain sunny and hot for a while here. It was 78 degrees when I got up this morning, and the forecast high is 98.

I didn't ride to work, since I need to take off early. In a couple of hours, Rose will be headed to Fort Worth for more reconstructive surgery and I'll be headed to Dallas for scans, so we both get to spend the rest of the day as medical patients.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi Bud and Rose,

Hope everything goes well for the two of you to-day,just want you to know I am thinking about you.God Bless

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Hi Everyone!

Eric, you totally make me laugh. Pennsylvania is a VERY long ways from Michigan. For sure! But I smiled at the 5 inches comment, very funny.

Judy, how fun to travel like this. Are you coming my way? Hmmmm???? Do you have a destination you are heading too?

I wish we'd get some nights @ 57 degrees. Us Northerners don't like the hot weather. Funny, the storms yesterday said they were ushering in a cold front. Some cold front! It was 82 when I woke up.

Wishing Bud and Rose a good day with all the medical stuff.

Got up early today and headed into work. Spent some awesome time with some of my friends, and got a lot of work done too! Had an amazing conversation with a phone buddy that just got diagnosed with LC. Life is good!

We're thinking we need to get away for 4 to 5 days. We have not taken a real vacation since 2007 when we went to Alaska for 2 1/2 weeks. I was going through my chemo regime, and asked the doctor if I could take a small break and go on this trip and he timed it so that it was in the middle of the treatments, and I was able to go and enjoy the spectacular scenery and animals.

So, it's time! My sweetie works way too hard, and we need to just kick back and get some relaxing time in!

Have a good rest of the Monday.

Judy in MI

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