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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 74 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 96 degrees. It's still cloudy and humid, but the rain is supposed to be pretty much over.

I rode to work all four days this week. I'm off tomorrow, and going fishing. In fact, I'm off the next five Fridays. People ask me how I can ride and fish in the Texas heat. They're actually a lot easier than my main summer activity, which is wearing hot clothes while working on hot machinery in an un-airconditioned machine shop. So, I take some Fridays off in the dog days of summer to give myself a break from the heat.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning! Hot clothes working in a hot machine shop, and biking there. Whew! Hope you drink lots of water Bud! Enjoy the fishing and time off!

Today is Lazy Day for me. I took a day off from Gilda's Club because they are sanding and shellacking the large Community Room floor, and those chemical smells and dust throw my lungs for a loop. With the asthma that I've had since being a child, and the poorer lung function that happened with the surgery, I can't risk being around that strong smell.

So some guys are coming in the replace the "puppy chewed" carpet this afternoon. I'm going to pay bills, and work on some laundry and maybe even get a chance to read my new Nook Book. Yeah!

Have a good one!

Judy in MI

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Morning All! At 11:45 am, I made it just under the wire. Stayed off the computer this morning because it was stow-and-go time and our last morning with Dominick. Stopped a visited a few minutes with his Mom. Wendy was working long hours while we were here so this is the first we saw her. She got to sleep in until the cats and dog woke her because Dom stayed with us again last night. His and his PopPop have a ritual now. They go to breakfast at Denny nearby our campground. They go before anyone else is there so they have all the attention of the waiters/waitresses/cooks to themselves. I stay back and catch a few more winks. It helps me because I stay up later than normal with the kid and because they like to "trash talk" as Dom calls it. I don't want to know. It's a guy thing I guess lol.

On the last leg to the Keys so just chillin until we get there. There's a flurry of activity then trying to get everything we need for the night in the house. Always forget something and one of us dreads that just another trip from the house to the coach.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in or near Miami

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I know what you mean about the dust and chemicals, MI Judy. My lungs didn't like those even before my surgery.

Sounds like you're almost home, KW Judy. I'm betting you're ready to be home.

Here's a photo Rose sent me via cell phone. She says this is the view she gets every morning, while sitting on the toilet........LOL


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Tell Rose she's lucky the dog's head doesn't weigh 50 pounds that the dog's neck can't support. My dogs would keep scootching up to put their chins in my pj bottoms as I sat on the throne. Very odd, having eyeballs there looking up at ya!

Another day in the humidity, less humidity than earlier this week, but still very sauna-like for we who just don't breathe so well. Well, it's not the breathing, it's the oxygenating.

...and it's Friday eve!

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