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Morning All! It's 86 degrees already in KW and promises to be up in the 90s. Makes it pretty uncomfortable running stuff back and forth to the coach.

Got a couple of outfits packed for Stan's class reunion. It's the first week of Oct in NJ so don't know what the weather will be. That's complicated packing because I've never been gone from Auig to Oct--it could be two seasons. Stan's friends in OH said it was in the upper 90s yesterday but hopefully there is going to be a cool down soon.

My life is so unexciting now, there isn't much to say. Mails forwarded, newspaper cancelled and one more day of packing. The first couple of days will just be riding and riding and riding--driving and driving and driving is really what I usually say but you all know better. Judy does not drive a 40-ft coach with a car and trailer that makes it 60-ft. I did a good job navigating us into campgrounds along the way at the times we were ready to stop last trip. Hope I do as well this time. We don't make reservations along the way. We just play it by ear.

I figured out why I keep losing my posts. I use a mouse with my laptop and there is some give in my AirDesk as I type. I still type pretty fast. I tried unplugging it and haven't had any problem. Here's hoping I figured it out.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It is 84 degrees outside as I type. Forecast high is 102. I took off from my driveway yesterday morning at 6:15 and did a 48 mile ride, first making a loop on the county roads south of here, then stopping by for a visit at City Cyclist.

Then, I drove over near DFW Airport to try on the sample of a cycling jersey that my local online recumbent group is ordering. My guess had been correct, an XXL fits me best. Cycling jerseys run so small. I'm 5' 10", 183 pounds and need an XXL. Anyone who's really very big is out of luck with those.

I'm doing a whole lot of nothing today, staying inside and enjoying the air conditioning. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning.....ah.....slept in today! It was awesome. I was so tired from our shopping for Art trip yesterday. Had bad rib spasms, and was pooped from a ton of walking. We did find some cool stuff for Hubs office, and returned there and hung them.

Today we are going to the office supply store, and Bed Bath and Beyond to get a few more accessories and his office should be complete.

He's going fishing with a buddy tonight, so I'm going to just hang out and read I think. Looking forward to a low key day.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

9.20pm sun has just set here on a beautiful day,temperature must have been in the high seventies,thats hot for me.After ABC this morning,it was on with the shorts and sandals,Sunday papers and a new book to read out back, in my lounger chair,total bliss who could ask for more?I even stretched out to get the all over sun tan,well more like a cooked lobster.

Just watched the last of the series of the Amish Kids,this week they were staying in a residential surfing school in Cornwall,run by a unmarried couple.The Amish girls were having problems with having to don a wet suit,they were concerned for the boys being tempted by the devil,in seeing the shapes of their bodies,however all was reconciled with a phone call to mum in the States,who suggested wearing a loose shirt over the wet suit,everyone was now happy and the boys and girls really loved the experience.A trip to a night club was planned,the Amish girls really tried to participate,in discarding their Amish clothes to wear modern dresses,even to the extend in revealing their hair,they looked really lovely,however on entering the club,the noise and lighting etc,the girls couldnt cope and left after 20mins,disapointed that they had put themselves out to have such poor reward.I must admit I would have done the same,it was just too noisy,they did not even play Sixties music?.Film finished back home explaining to their folks through the photographs they had taken,what the UK was like,but felt they couldnt really get their experience across.Surprisingly,Becky the one I considered the most Amish,said her experience had left her feeling unsettled,and said she may not stay with her family,or even in the United States.

Hi Judy my best wishes for your forthcoming adventure,may you have a safe and happy journey,and have a great time at Stans re-union,keep in touch.

Bud, I have to smile you going indoors to enjoy your air conditioning and escape the sun,and me going outside to soak in it,something to do with the 30 degrees temp difference between Scotland and Texas?

Donny re-squirrel watching,I enjoy watching them in my garden too,our indiginous red squirrel is being pushed out its habitat by the American gray squirrels more aggressive nature,now rare to see red squirrels near urban areas.Do you have different types of squirrels in America?

Hi Libby thanks for taking the time to reply to me about double booking,that was really nice of you,much appreciated,I totally agree with your suggestions,leave early (1hr) to get to Monklands hospital,and giving Alex Salmond a miss the following week.

Well enjoy the rest of your day guys,bye for now.

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Bud, I laughed at the thought of you wearing an XXL. I've seen how fit you are but I do understand about the tight fit of the jerseys. Unfortunately, they do that with lots of women's tops and blouses.

Judy, I hated moving my office but loved decorating. The first was the best even tho it was in a funky building. It was quite large, painted wisteria and all the pastel and white furnishings were bought or made for that room. After that, I had to work around what I had.

Eric, Stan and I caught (unfortunately the tail-end) a documentary on Scotland. I showed pics of Edinburg and Cape Goth and all along the west coast. You may have lousy weather but a beautiful country!

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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