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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Have been making due with responding to emails of posts I'm following. We've been so busy with family and friends that I'm falling asleep on the couch in the late afternoon.

Up at six this morning, stowed and off to a Camper's World some distance from where we are staying. Stan made an appointment to get the antenna fixed. He made a wrong turn and got off track--you ladies know how that can go lol. Hope we're o.k. now.

I'm tired and ready to go home. It's been a great trip but wish we didn't have to wait for the reunion on Oct 1-3. After that on to Orlando for scans and chemo again and the weekend with the kids and grandkids. It's been lots of fun but exhausting and my family social commitment aren't done yet!

Talked to Gail last night. Cross your fingers. We may get to meet this trip. She's checking out a meeting place mid way so each of us doesn't have so far to drive. Kasey, if you are reading, the Kutztown trip was a whirlwind of activity again this year. Maybe next year we can find a midpoint to meet.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Jacksonville NJ

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 69 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 88, with clouds and the chance of storms coming this afternoon.

MI Judy, lingering pain is definitely a scary thing for us. But there are lots of things it could be other than cancer, so let's hope it's something else, and nothing serious.

KW Judy, you sound like a busy bee. I can see how it can all wear you down. But, I'm betting that after you're home and reflecting on all the family visiting you got to do, you'll be glad you did it.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi there! It's evening now, but wanted to weigh in. LOL. As usual. I've noticed that there's lots of "views" of our daily air, but very few write. That's too bad. I love reading about our day to day lives, and it really helps me (as a newbie) get to know each wonderful person that is here. You all do know how wonderful you are. This is the best support site on the web. I tell people about it all the time.

So busy today. Got to volunteer work and there was so much to get done, and I had my nose to the grindstone from 9:00 to 5:30!!!!! But it was a great day of accomplishments, and I felt great satisfaction when I closed my lap top, packed it in my back pack and headed home. God has truly blessed me with the work I am priviledged to do. I'm very grateful.

Bud, thanks for the encouragement. I need that. Us survivors always "go there" when strange things happen to us physically. We don't intend to scare ourselves. But when you've been to hell and back due to this disease, it's easy to go to the scary place when things are abnormal.


Anyway, I'm okay. Have not called the doctor yet. Meant to today but just was so busy I forgot. I'll try to remember tomorrow.

Had an unprecedented warm day here today. Got to 85 which is very warm for the first day of Autumn. But storms coming tonight, and the temps are supposed to plummet. Back to sweatshirts tomorrow :-)

Anyway, take care all.

Judy in MI

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Very warm and pretty day.

Dragged myself out to water exercise class this morning, and the instructor was out sick. Swam laps instead, which was fine. Went out for a latte and bakery goodies - just too nice a morning. Later, drove over to see my Dad and get more paperwork signed. We are pursuing a Medicare reimbursement for him, as well as a VA pension. These things take time and patience. I stopped at the Rack and found a nightgown from my favored brand. That was plenty of day for me. M's making dinner. Homemade pesto on pasta. Couch time tonight.

September is kind of hard for me - first discovery 2008, recurrence 2009. Mom's passing 1983. I'm trying hard to be grateful for the good moments and not get ahead of myself.

Is anyone else watching Showtime's "The Big C"? That would be melanoma. Well written, not quite perfect, but good for laughs and tears.

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its 7.30am,dawns arrived,another overcast day,quite warm and dry though.I have been up for a while showered,shaved and dressed,will be setting off for Manchester about 11.30am,I wrote my speech last night which I will re-read shortly and make any ammendments.I am travelling by train,Airdrie to Glasgow,then Glasgow Central to Piccadilly,Manchester,I wont be around until Friday,so behave yourselves whilst I am away.This trip has worked out rather well,since the college is on holiday Friday and Monday,so I have a complete week off work.

Judy KW, I have enjoyed your trip,isnt Kutztown a really strange name,maybe I will get to visit it one day?.Still more fun to come with your family and the reunion in October,what a full life you lead.

Judy MI,hope your pain has subsided and you are feeling much better,good to read of the fullfillment you derive from your volunteering activities,you certainly dont see them as a chore,I am so pleased for you.

Hi Stephanie,my arent you the little mermaid,are you still climbing that mountain as well?.I love to swim also but I havent been back to the swimming baths since my lung surgery,I still feel a bit self conscious about my under arm and back scars,also dont want to frighten the kids.I have similar feelings about October,my mother passed away in October 1987,my dx was October 2008,and there have been other sad family memories of that month,I am always glad to see the back of October.

I still have this hunting thing on my mind,think if my family relied on me to provide game food for the table we would all starve or become vegans.The closest I come to meat is the pre-packed stuff in the supermarket,think I must be a closet buhhist since I couldnt kill anything.I suppose this is what comes of being a lifelong urbanite?

Bye everyone,see you all on Friday.

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