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Week end away


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I have just spent a weekend in Johannesburg with my two daughters and the rest of my family

To say the least it was a very lovely weekend and I really enjoyed it.

I left Ladysmith on Saturday morning at 04h00 and arrived at about 08h00. Its a drive of about 400 kms.

On arrival the two girls were both busy with some form of charity work which included Christmas hamper boxes for orphans, a fun walk for cancer.

We did a bit of shopping and the elder daughter and myself went an visited my eldest sister.

Saturday evening we had a barbequeand then to bed.

Sunday we visited my younger sister who is not well and on arrival I was shocked to see how ill se really was. I persuaded her to go to hospital and her son took her.

We all went for a buffet lunch and aftre it was time to return home for me.

I arrived in Ladysmith at 20hoo very tired but happy :D .

I really enjoyed the weekend with the family and my daughters were so happy I came to visit them.

Next weekend I have to go home and check to see that alls ok and the following Sunday I will be returning to celebrate my eldest sisters mother in laws 90 birthday.

So it a busy monthg for me.

Thats all for now


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Hello all.My younger sister seems to suffer all the same things as my Mom did. Arthritis and all that goes with it The medication suppresses her immune system and she gets frequent bouts of chest infections including pneumonia as is the case this time.

My health is good at present with the heart settled down.

Yes the weekend was very good but the coming home was not.

I am working night shift this week and the weather is terrible with severe mist and fine rain.

Thanks for being there to listen


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Sorry your sister's heath problems are chronic Ronnie. Hope she gets more good days than bad soon.

Our homecoming was similar with rain every day since we've been home. Thank goodness the showers were further apart today since we have been unpacking between the rain drops.

That's the beauty of the internet Ronnie, someone is usually home lol.

Judy in KW

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