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One year ago today


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It was one year ago today that my loving Donald went to be with the lord. It has been a huge struggle for me since he left and it's hard to get motivated and get myself going anymore.

Within a couple months of my husbands passing my son also moved across the country to be with his girlfriend, so I feel like I had a double loss shall I say.

I'm learning new things each day. All of the things he used to take care of for me. Such as the car and the swimming pool.....what a challenge they were LOL

I had planned on taking down my "memorial" today, but decided to wait on that. I don't feel strong enough just yet. So, I think I'll just spend the day alone and do my very best to reflect on all the happy times we had together instead of his illness and passing.

Be in touch soon......love to all of you!

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Hi Michelle,

Your post has so moved me,I am really sorry for your loss of Donald,compiled with your son untimely moving out,life goes on I understand that, but the hurt remains.I hope that with time you can pick up the strands and develope new ways of enjoying life,you owe it to yourself and Donald.God bless.

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Michelle you know that my heart is with you. I see your pain and my heart breaks for you. Please believe me when I say that in time it will get easier. At first it will be just one day at a time then as time passes it will be longer. Just remember it is alright to grieve. Don't try to stop it because all you do is delay it and in the long run it will be much worse. Cry and talk to him everyday if you need to. His love is still with you. Give it time and that love with help you through. It will sustain you. Take care my friend and remember I am always just a phone call away.

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I am sorry I am late on this. To paraphrase, grieving is not for sissies - it's hard work. You will get to a point where it will get easier - you will be able to talk about him and laugh, and enjoy memories...the crying will be less and less. You'll get there.

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