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I am up early so I thought that I would open the Air today. I was hoping to keep it light but, first thing when I checked out Facebook I saw Katie's post saying that Connie lost her battle this morning. So sad :(

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning. They say this is our first real rain of the season. I was looking forward to some before I leave on my trip next week. Crazy how I can look forward to it here and dread it when in Louisiana. Just such a different kind of rain is the reason. The leaves have started to turn but not much color yet. Fall is a little late coming and I am leaving earlier so I guess I will miss the best of it.

I am trying to catch up a little here and with some reading. I wasn't going to sew anymore for a while but my grandson has moved into an apartment so I am trying to finish a gingerbread house for him. I have 3 in my suitcase for the others who don't live at home. They are all finished. decorations and all. except putting them together. My big suitcase has more of my projects than clothes this year. In addition to the gingerbread houses I have a tissue topper I made for my daughter in law who loves dragon flies and a Christmas one for my cousin in Bakersfield and a big Wedding Album I made for the kid's wedding gift. Sure glad that they help with my luggage when I get on the bus and the train :lol:

Well I guess I will try to catch up a few games on Facebook if it is not too slow with everyone else doing it this morning. I plan on doing some stairs and dancing some . I can't seem to lose the weight but I am making my legs a little stronger as long as my feet hold out. Maybe then I will be able to lose a few pounds. I know that I won't lose any while in Louisiana but sure hope I don't gain anymore.

Have a good day and Judy I hope you are doing great today. Some issues have a tendency to solve themselves. Take care.

Have a great day everyone else!!!

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Good morning everyone,

Been over a week since I posted. I have to come up with a day plan at work. I leave too early and then its 10 p.m. by the time I settle down (no wonder I am always so tired).

Judy I sure hope you will begin to feel better soon. I did read your post to Eric and how discouraging some Doctors can be. GRRRRRR that makes me so angry, they should lose there licenses over it!!! There is always hope and there are always miracles. Half the statistics they use are old anyway. It is hard enough having this type of cancer and then to have the Doctors be idiots is uncalled for (don’t want to get me started on that).

I do hope you adjust to your meds soon and I hope they stop robbing you with the outrageous cost.

Judy in MI I hope you are feeling better from your cold. Every time I get a cold it goes right to my chest and lungs and it is never fun! Lots of fluid and REST. I know rest is hard for all of us but it does help.

Lilyjohn I did read about Connie also. I am deeply saddened.

Not doing much this weekend, last weekend went up to our cottage, so this weekend need to clean house and rake leaves. Going to a Green Bay Packer game against the Vikings on Sunday that should be fun. Tonight a choir pop concert with my daughter Megan.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Afternoon All! Thanks for opening the Air Lily. I've had a pretty amazing morning as far as getting stuff done since I didn't get a good night's sleep. Odd, usually I'm dragging after a stint past 1am.

I know too well how hectic it can be getting ready for extended trips Lily. Hope you're feeling good about how far you've gotten with the packing etc. I also know about the mixed feelings. I'm anticipating another trip to PSL and am not real excited about it since being away so much this summer.

Libby, sounds like you have some fun mixed in with chores for the weekend. Makes for a good balance. I envy the night out with your daughter. I was thinking the other day how I miss going to the movies and the theater and stuff with Wendy. It was great when she lived here and not five hours away.

Now, off to light a candle for Connie. Oh, just realized I already did that. Sad, sad day for her family and friends who include a hosts of friends here at the LCSC.

Wish I could get up the umph to go to town and run half my errands. I'm leaving an awful lot til Monday.

Judy in KW

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Hi Everyone,

It has been such a beautiful day today,I decided to take a drive down to Largs (without my camera)the Firth of Clyde was at its best,wish you could have all shared my day with me,I just love our countryside.I had a cappuchino in the yacht marina,then a amerina ice-cream at Nardinis,accompanied by my platonic secret friend of the opposite persuasion.

Sorry I have been absent for a while,I am just catching up with you on the forums,gosh I feel so sad with what I have found,ConnieB,KatieB not forgetting Judy KW with the anticipation of the arrival of Tarceva into her life,wish things could be different,dont you?if only do more for our friends in difficult times?.

I do feel a bit guilty about the timing or inappropriateness of this paragraph,but I still want to share with you,my exhilaration I havened lost since last night at the Hikers and Bikers Presentation Dinner.I was the offical photographer,and as I started,DISASTER, my camera flashed up no SD card,I had put all my Millport Day onto a DVD_RW disc for the presentation and left my SD card in my laptop.Oh boy if you could imagine how I felt,then miracles of miracles some passed me a 8GB Sd card to use,thank you God,I spent the rest of the evening clicking away at the company and the presentation of the cheques,last year they raised £26,000 this year the target was £30,000 (£30,000 x$1.58 = $47.400) we actually raised £29,277 which was still pretty good.Representatives from 5 charities were there to receive their cheques,and gave a response to their appreciation of what we have achived for them,honestly it brought a lump to my thoat,of the difference this money will make to the recipricants ie,Malawi- this money will feed 495 primary school kids every day for one year,photographs were show to us of the African school kids standing underneath a large banner showing Noreen Davis Hikers and Bikers Scotland,giving a great big smiley African wave,how can you top that?Other cheques went to Marie Curie Hospices and CHAS,a hospice charity for terminally ill hopice for children with cancers.The other two,sorry equally worthy but I have just forgot.I took enough pics to sink the Queen Elizabeth.The night went on I just felt great,I was volunteered to get up on stage and sing to the Karioke? machine,Neil Diamonds Sweet Caroline was chosen for me and I sang it as a duet with a beautiful young relative of my sister,I just love the song and got enormous pleasure in singing it,even more so went they announced at the end of the night we were chosen a the winners,boy my head was so big, I banged onto the door frame head going into my house on the way home.Oh just to rub it in,I won a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream with two presentation glasses in the Tombola,and 2 cds the Black Eyed Peas? and Nelly Furtado? boy am I out of touch or what?

Ok last paragraph,had a couple of Baileys when I arrived home,went to bed,got up in the morning,took the SD card out of my camera,to transfer to my laptop to burn onto a DVD,DISASTER,this file is empty my lap top reads,I am almost in tears,phone sis,hubby and her get me to try different things to no avail-this file is empty?.Strange thing is I put the SD card back in my camera,and it can show me all the pics are still there,is there any techies out there that can help me,please,I think I will be lynched, if I cant produce these pics.

The young girl I sang with,gave me a card,an invitation to her 21st Birthday Party next Friday,I told her the only invitations I seem to get are for funerals recently,since Claire the Boss will be there I hope to be able to pass on the pics.Do you know what really knocked me for six that night?Claire for all the chartiable work she has done over twenty years,raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for various charities,thanked me personally,for my contribution.This Lung Cancer thingy has led me in directions I would have never been involved with,and strangely you may think it has been a blessing to me,I have never in my life been as happy.Goodnight everyone

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Hi all,

I haven't been around all day. Started with a meeting at a local church for the Thanksgiving Day meal that we all join together to give to the community. Hubs and I work this every year now. Its our new Thanksgiving Day tradition. It is so rewarding to see Seniors, those less fortunate, the lonely, those without family, having a lovely meal given to them on the actual holiday. It's fantastic.

I was then going to go to a volleyball tournament that my niece plays in. But I got a text from her Dad saying I'm needed at a different event. My other niece (VB sister), was being surprised by her boyfriend with a marriage proposal.

What this 21 year old man/boy did was so romantic! He had us decorate their place for a surprise 21 year birthday party for her. Then he had us take the petals off a dozen roses, gather up a sheet, and bring this 6 foot sign with us, to a park. We were to be standing on the steps, and he was bringing my niece over there blindfolded with the guise that he had a surprise for her for her birthday. We laid the sheet on the ground, threw the rose petals all around, and got into formation on the steps above where the sheet was and waited for them to arrive.

When they got there, down she came, blindfolded. He got her to the sheet with the rose petals, and we were silent as a stone. He got down on his knee, and told her to take the blindfold off. The first thing she saw was the big giant sign with the WILL YOU MARRY ME LIZ. She turned to find her young man on his knee, holding a diamond right up and he asked her to be his wife!!!!!!! There was not a dry eye in the crowd. It was so touching.

After lots of pictures and hugs, we all said goodbye to her, and as far as she knew we were all going home. Nope! We all hurried back to the house and surprised her again with the party! What a fun day!

Hubs is now in Kansas on a hunting trip. He took off at 5:00 this morning, and is already there. Amazing.

Have a good one.

MI Judy

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Oh gosh, got so caught up in my story I forgot to make comments. Eric, what a delightful story of that evening. How amazing you are with your joy. It's infectious, and I for one am benefiting from your amazing attitude.

No help on the SD card. Just wondering if perhaps it's not compatible with your operating system, and maybe would work on a different version of a computer? I'd take it into a store that prints pictures off the cards for people, and ask them to look at it.

Libby, I am an avid Green Bay Packers fan! And against the Vikings! What a great game to go see. We went to a Green Bay game in Green Bay and it was an amazing experience. The fans were exhuberant. It was so fun to see all the cheese head hats on! LOL! Have fun. Thanks for the thoughts on the cold. I didn't get to sleep in today, but planning on hitting the bed early tonight and sleeping in until 9:30 tomorrow.

MI Judy

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