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Sunday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 67 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 85.

I went fishing yesterday morning, but got a lot more rain than I bargained for. I kept taking shelter under a bridge as the storms would move in. It made for a tough day of fishing, but I brought a few home.

The sore throat I've had for the last few days seems to have turned into a full fledged cold, so I'm just going to stay home and take it easy today.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning. I'm with you Bud. Today is a veg day for me. My cold is getting better, but still kind of dragging me down.

It's supposed to get to 72 today! That is extremely warm for this close to November. May even break a record! Tomorrow it's supposed to get to 76! This is just crazy for Michigan. No complaints though, soon enough it will be f-f-f-f-freezing.

I'm off to find a blankie and book! Nice.

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Weather still not changing in KW. That's good with me though, it was way too chilly last winter.

Bud, just remember, a rainy day fishing is better than a sunny day working lol. Sorry you and Judy have colds. I felt lousy like I had one all last week. Figured I'd picked it up in the doctor's office the week before. But yesterday, the stuffy fog broke and I felt great.

Eric, I am so in awe of your charitable efforts. That's probably part of the reason you are so upbeat and cheery. Your good works come back to you as joy. I promise myself I will get where you are in good time. So far my life and treatments haven't offered time or energy to do the things I wish I could do.

Went shopping yesterday and got everything I need to get a good start on Tarceva with a couple of substitutions. I've taken everything people have told me and created the illusion if I do it, I will have control over the side-effects. Funny, huh Stephanie. lol I figure good skin treatment and sun protection can't do any harm at my age. It probably could have helped more if I'd done it sooner.

Just doing odds and ends today. May get out in the orchid room. Won't be able to do it once I start the Tarceva, or at least until my sunblock clothes come.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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God morning everyone. I guess it is just a weekend for being lazy or at loose ends. It is 9:30 here and I am still in my pjs. I talked to my daughter in law and my daughter this morning. Bud my son is gone fishing today. Going for Specks and Reds. This is the time of year that those speckled trout really turn on. I am still hoping that I get a shot at some while I am there.

I will be leaving a week from tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing my family and being there for the wedding. Her shower is today and I am missing that but that can't be helped. I am so happy for my grandson because he found a very special girl. My biggest worry is that he is so much like his grandpa that it could cause some problems down the road if he doesn't loosen up. No one wants to be told all that they can or can't do. I am hoping that he learned enough from my divorce to do a better job. Like Denis he is a really good person and he has grown up in a house where women do have freedom so hopefully that will help.

Well I am just going on again so I guess I will read a little on Facebook and then read for a while.

Don't know how you feel about it for sure Bud but I can pretty much guess but let me warn you, your Rangers are going down!! :lol: It is time that the GIANTS bring home a world series title.

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Evening All,

Coming to an end of a super weekend,another sunny and blue sky day throughout,though getting cooler now,temps late fifties, yes winter approaches.More frost on my car this morning.

I took my camera gear over to my sisters house to-day,the borrowed SD disc,loaded onto her computer without any problems?we burned the pics onto a DVD,then played them back through her hugh TV,boy the show lasted for more than half an hour,and many of the pics were really good,I think Claire the Boss is going to be pleased.I hope to play them to the 21st birthday party on Friday next,since I think most of the hikers and bikers will be there.Its being held in the same club.

Judy KW,please, this charity work takes very little effort,you would fit in easily with this happy group of people,despite you not feeling at your best at the moment.I think when you see my pics (I will really have to do some editing to reduce the volume)Eric amongst 200-300 lovely ladies all enjoying a great evening out,I think you will appreciate why this isnt work for me,this is bliss.

Well its back down to reality now,work tomorrow,and I have a class first thing.Bud- hope you can shake off your cold soon as,enjoy the rest of Sunday everyone,bye.

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Today is Lamb Jam. Vegetarians should stop reading now.

There will be 21 restaurants preparing small lamb dishes, with matched wines. Well, I am on antibiotics again, so no wine for me, but watch out lamb, here we come. These are some of the better places in town. I'm pretty sure you walk from table to table. There is also a best dish contest. I'd not a judge unless they have a people's choice award as well.

It is also a fundraiser for the Farmers Market Alliance - we have many weekly markets here, a few are year round.

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