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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Raining here but the wind isn't too bad. Looks like WEATHER throughout much of the country. Stay safe wherever you are.

Yes, Eric, the time difference are weird when one member is going to bed and others are still into the day. But that's the beauty of the internet. Think we all feel blessed with your cheerful and empathic addition to our site from such a distant place.

Bud, it sounds like Texas is much like KW in the sense that as soon as the temps get mild, the winds get to be a nuisance. And good luck on your walk, hope the weather is perfect.

Bruce, Stan says send some snow to OH. He'll be hunting there next month and would love some.

Judy, how frustrating is that going to the trouble to drop something off and pick it up to have nothing done! I didn't know Best Buys did computer repairs, obviously they don't!

Ann, I don't decorate for Halloween except for one ceramic pumpkin lol. I am debating Christmas this year because of the timing of my new treatment and Stan's travels. I know I'll be sad if I don't. It will be the first time, but think I might be grateful for the energy I save. Still debating.

One week left til your trip. I call that countdown. Here's hoping you get some Fall colors at home in the days ahead and fishing when you get there.

Talk about countdown, should get my Tarceva today, start tomorrow since you have to take it on an empty stomach. I think I'm mentally ready for the treatment. Will go to group tonight but know no one there has taken Tarceva.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hey folks

Still not quite daylight here but I can only see a few clouds near the horizon so looks to be another nice day.

KW Judy, we are supposed to be in the plus temps. for the rest of the week so this snow should disappear. Tell Stan not to worry, we'll have more before his trip and I'll include a few eggs as well. Is he hunting deer ? My neighbor's so got a white tail last week but didn't know what to do with it so I went over on Saturday and made the sausages for him.

Yes Eric I did get the Llama's....seven of them and at least 2 are pregnant possibly 3 !!! The guy I bought my 2nd horse from is moving and was going to put them down so of course I couldn't have that so I took them. So now I have 2 cats, 4 dogs, 2 horses, 7 Llama's and 12 hen's on my little funny farm. I'm also trying to buy a few young heffer cow's so that at least I will have something that provides a little income to offset the cost of keeping the pets.

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Good morning, everyone!

I was 60 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 78. It looks like this front is causing some storms east of us, but it's just wind here. We'd had a good stretch without a lot of wind, so I'm getting reminded just how bad the wind can get here. I was riding against a south wind gusting to 35 mph on the way home yesterday afternoon. Then, the front blew in and I had 20 mph north winds to ride against this morning.

This early season nice weather cold I have has turned into my worst cold since my lung surgery. After three days of a nose run that no antihistamine could seem to phase, now I have congestion in my lungs.

The fruit flies are the bugs that are driving me nuts right now. I always bring fruit to work, and have to fight them when I get it out to eat. Eric, it's a small world. I used to always have a cigar going to keep mosquitos off when I fished, too. Doesn't seem like such a good plan now, does it?

Have a great day, all!

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