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Morning All! Happy Friday Randy. I saw your Sat Air post. We saw the tapes of the fight that actually happened Friday. Boy, were they going at it. Got the feeling it wasn't the norm lol.

Eric is due home today but with our extreme time difference, who knows when. If you read this Eric, be sure to check out the pic Stephanie left you on Saturday's Air.

Dragging my butt this morning in spite of gaining an hour. Gaining one and losing three to four doesn't do a great compute in my book. Drank a couple of cups of coffee in the afternoon so I would be awake to go out to dinner and we decided not to go lol. I also stayed up to eat. Honestly, it was just a compulsion. I took my Tarceva at 9:30 pm and stayed up to snack at 10:30--waiting the requisite hour before eating. I ate sundried tomato hummus and those new Wheat crispy thing and had terrible indigestion afterward. Learned my lesson.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hey folks. For all the morning people, that time change will certainly help. Will be daylight here by 8am and can begin doing outside chores. Still no snow here which the neighbors all tell me is unusual for this time of year. It is really helping me since I still need at least 2 weeks to finish the outside work before winter hits.

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty sleeping Judy. I'm sure it will get better.

Better get the day started. Have a good day everyone.

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Evening All,

Yeah I am home,oh boy,what a weekend,where do I start?well I did some other posts first,funny thing I done one to Trawna and pressed submit-nothing happened-waited a couple of minutes and clicked again,then it shows a double post,dont you just hate it when it does that?.Weather?Ill get to that later.

Stephanie,thank you,dosnt the piper look so handsome,smart and distinguished,glad you had such a great night out.I was thinking about the Winter Ball at the end of the month for the Roy Castle night out,instead of wearing a Tuxedo,maybe I should wear the kilt?last time I did was at my wedding in 1972.Looking back at the photographs then are such fun,you should see my hairdo-wonder how I could send in these photos in?I will give it some thought,I am sure you will enjoy a laugh.

Set off early for Glasgow Uni,discovered my robe I am entitled to wear for the first time,after 38 years of ignoring it,Strathclyde University,Jordanhill College my Alma Mater?,what a show off,hey dxd with LC,I do whatever I like,and dont give a d---.I met up with some of my students and their parents etc,then some pics and into Bute Hall,the setting is totally humbling,to imagine the distinguished graduates over the many years who have passed through these doors.I had a privileged seat in the Hall and took many pictures of the young people picking up their awards,feeling slightly envious as they passed by me,but thats as it should be.Following,more photos of my colleagues and students,it was unfortunate that after such a glorious start to the day that the clouds should open and rained out my ideas of photos outside the Uni,to show you what a super Uni it is Architecturally.

Then its off to Dumfries,I did have the printed directions from Ross the Minister but long story short,I made a few boo-boos in interpretation,but hey,never mind just cause,you could multiply by two,the actual miles I should have taken,the scenery was just something else,driving through this countryside,I had a cd of Andre Rieu playing,various classics like Johann Struss waltzes,Figaro and many other well known "tunes" I got to thinking,such was my pleasure,if my life is slightly curtailed by LC,god is making it up to me by giving me such a great time.

Arrived at Urr Lodge eventually,Ross the minister is the only one in,all the others are enjoying a walk in the lovely countryside,turned out it was a very hilly and arduous walk and one I knew I currently couldnt manage,but with Bud in mind one I can do later when I recover some fitness.I can only say I had the most enjoyable weekend with friends,who are much the same as me wanting to find something meaniful in the Christian faith,but still not quite there,at the end of the weekend we were each presented with a American Scroll that is a complilation of various texts from the bible,that forms a letter to us from God,we read it to-gether whilst listening to a recording of a Male American voice speaking the words,I can say it moved me more than a laxative,I must photograph the scroll and let you read it.I did rise early this morning 6.00am,it was clear blue skies and sunshine a took some landscapes also the birds pecking at the feeders suspended from trees in the lodges grounds,it was really nice,also took some photos of us as a group,before I set off for home,altogether a very enjoyable weekend.Well back to work to-morrow,good night everyone,enjoy whats left of your weekend.

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Good afternoon everyone.

Eric (Quack Quack) We have a place up north that sits between two lakes. Our house sits on 3 acres with pines, birch and poplar trees. We have two large out building for all the toys, ATV;s, Boat, extra vehicles, etc, of course the mower which I dont even want to talk about mowers... It is like our get away from where we live although some would argue that were we live is country also. The website is acting weird today your submitting errors are probably the link acting Weird.

Judy that coffee does wonders. Sorry to here you skipped eating out. I know, sometime you just feel like staying home. I was a bit anxious to get home today too.

Bruce you better hurry up and get that work done. I think here we may get snow towards the end of the week. We had 10 trees down at the cabin, I just felt like crying!!! I did not feel like working on it, so I didnt :lol:

Everyone enjoy your evening,


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