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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Just finished a post and pressed the preview button to read it over and there it was gone!into the ether.I just make it all up as I go,so its thinking cap time grrr.

Well its winter wonderland outside my window and the snow is still falling,if this keeps up,my car wont make it up the hill to the main road and Ill be marooned,cut off from the world,well not quite,theres always shanks pony.It really isnt fair,we have already had a severe winter last year,and I got a broken arm to prove it,its more Yellowknife than Airdrie out there,who was the big mouth who said theres global warming going about,well then you skipped out Scotland.

Had a good day in Glasgow yesterday,the weather was bright blue sunny skies but crisp temps,the streets were full with Christmas shoppers all scurrying about looking for suitable prezzies.All the streets lit up with Christmas lights and all the big stores similarly decked out,who said there is a recession going on?.The streets are full of street entertainers and what a variety,jugglers with flaming torches,guitarists,bagpipers and drummers,even a Peruvian playing Panpipes in full indian costume.I really enjoyed clicking away with my camera,I spotted a girl in an elf costume standing in a queue for a hole in the wall,she looked so out of place,I just had to take her pic,as I walked away,I was shouted back by two young girls standing behind the elf,they felt a bit miffed I didnt take their photo also so only too happy to oblige,very attractive they were to.

Hi Judy just talking about attractive young girls,how are you doing,oh the film shoot?,Emma Gunby the publicity person at Roy Castle emailed me about her receiving funding for making three short films of lung cancer survivor stories,she asked if I would be willing to participate,well after mulling it all over my head for approx three seconds I said yes.Later I was told that I would be filmed at my home,by a film crew,I asked Jennifer how many people make up a film crew,she said,well youve got the director,cameraman,sound recordist,boom operator and the runner,gulp,this is a bit more elaborate than my video the students took of me for the Healthy Working Lives college website,maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew?but hold on a wee minute Eric,think about the fame and fortune this may bring you,being mobbed in the street,people fighting each other to get your autograph,bring it on ,sunshine.

Think I will give ABC a miss this morning due to the weather,thinking about going back to bed for a wee snuggle in for a while.See you bye.Here goes with the submit button,not going to chance the preview button,fingers crossed- click......

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OHHH! how I wish I was there, Eric. I am sooo ready for the miracle of Christmas....not that I can afford to do anything.. I just love the sounds and smells, lights and sights and the wonder of people actually being nice to each other during this time of year!

I am ready to start singing Christmas tunes! This has always been my favorite time of the year.

Here, at 2 pm in NTX it is a balmy 61 degrees with a very cool breeze blowing. Bright and sunny.

Well, I am off to get more coffee, so everyone have a good day.


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Hi Dawn,

Just popped in before retiring,its back to work to-morrow,so going to bed after this post.Thank you for your reply,its so good to hear from you,I havent forgot you for a moment,welcome back,yes its my favourite time of the year also.Hope you are doing well,may you have the best christmas ever,please keep in touch,I miss your contribution to the boards.Goodnight from Bonnie Scotland.

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Hello! Ah, it's so nice to be back in the cold! Not kidding. It was so weird in Ned's land of Hawaii, to see Christmas decorations on palm trees. Now that I'm home it seems much more like Christmas. Loved the description of your excursions Eric!

The film crew and all of that. Sounds like you are going to be a celebrity! Is it possible for you to put a link in here for us to view it when it's done? How awesome. What an advocate you are!

Dawn nice to see you back. We do miss you when you are gone. Hope all is well with you.

Hubby took off for S. Dakota for another hunting trip. But this time he took Gibson, our German Short Hair Pointer. I was not happy about that. Our new girl, Olive Oyle, is not electric fence trained, but I didn't worry about it when Gibson was around (who is fence trained). She pretty much just hung with him, did her stuff outside, and it was all good. Now that he's gone, she goes outside and starts looking around with curiosity that makes me worry she's going to run away.

So I spent the greater part of the day trying to re-teach her leash training from when she was a pup. She definitely has forgotten what that was all about.

Oh well! He'll be home by Thursday, so I guess I can just deal with it until then.

Loving life without spasms. Just can't imagine now how I lived with that for so long. I'm so busy and happy and truly praising God for the miracle of not suffering like that anymore!

Judy in MI

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Good evening all,

I have been quite busy. That is a good thing. Ate thanksgiving dinner out on Thursday and had some cocktails. Friday I started putting up the tree and decorating inside and outside for Christmas. I truly love Christmas and wish I could have gone into NYC to see the Macy's parade. Oh well maybe next year I will take my daughter she has never been to NYC for the parade. We are planning a Christmas trip to Chicago to see all the lights and of course shopping. Chicago is beautiful during Christmas and the shopping is fun!. Did some shopping Saturday and more decorating and cleaning today. I think I am ready for work tomorrow. I get more rest there.....LOL and at least I get paid for working... LOL

Eric congrats on your upcoming celebrity status. I am excited for you. If I was asked I would for sure do it too....You will do wonderful and respresent us survivors well....You may even get a movie gig, who knows. LOL...

Judy in MI I am so glad that your spasms are gone and you can now truly enjoy yourself without being in pain. Yes palm trees look wierd with christmas lights, it takes a little getting use to. Bruce I sure hope you are enjoying your time with the kids and I know you must be proud of your son.

Judy in KW I hope you are getting some much needed rest today. Sounds like you had a very active couple of days...

Good night.


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