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So I'm new and I myself dont have lung cancer but my grandma has it, she has stage 3a lung cancer and she had surgery to remove a part of her lung, the surgery was succesful. My aunt is usually the one who goes to the appoitments with my grandma because she only speaks spanish, and on monday she went to the doctor with her and the doctor told her that she has never had a patient that survived stage 3a lung cancer basically throwning in the towel!! I couldn't believe what she said, I mean she just one person and the fact that she said that, makes me just not believe anything she tells us. I want her to get a second opinion because that can't just be the end of her road, not like this. It just hurts to see her from being a very outgoing loud, funny person to a quiet sleeping most of the time person (sorry if im not making much since, im kind of stressed right now). I dont really know what to do, this can't really just be the end of the road! :(

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Hi Angie,

Welcome the LCSC,Its just gone 5.30am here in Scotland,I just dropped by to read the posts before getting ready for work.I just had to respond to your post beforehand.

Advice-drop the doctor.I really shoudnt be here telling you this,according to my doctor,my sell by date has passed.

My oncologist on hearing what my GP had said to me,was absolutely furious with him,his thoughts-he was fighting for 15-20 years for me if not a cure,GPs he said, see only two or three lung cancer patients in their entire careers,whereas lung cancer oncologists are dealing with these patients every day,and therefore have a greater understanding of a patients prognosis,he went on to say,not even the most experienced oncologist can predict any individuals response to treatment,in relation to survivablity.

I would recommend this site to your doctor to read the remarkable survivor stories of many here and will continue to be here for many years to come,who were diagnosed at stage 3.

I wish you and your gran every every success in finding a more appropriate and sympathetic GP who will assist your Gran through her course of treatments.

As I mentioned my experience with a GP was similar to your Grans,sadly this is not uncommon as others here might reinforce.I think all GPs of that ilk should be reported,and be sent on a re-training programme updating their knowledge of lung cancer and as importantly, how to improve their interpersonel relationship skills,before being allowed to interact with the general public again.

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First Welcome, glad you found us.

Was this doctor the surgeon that took part of her lung?

She needs an Onocologist who can set up a plan. How old is your grandmother, is she otherwise healthy?

Keep us posted, Donna G

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Hi Angie,

I am 47 year old female diagnosed with NSLC, Stage 3A, and in May I will have 4 years cancer free. Better find a new doctor with a better attitude. Any questions feel free to ask.


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