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DAd now on gemzar!


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My dad is now on gemzar for once a week. Does anyone know of any results of taking this? Dad did vomit today, I assume it is a side effect of this. Tomorrow he will get an a pet scan to check to see if it has spread. Dad got some morphine for his back pain, he got dizzy on it, but alleviated the pain. I just dont want him to take too much of it. Any alternatives to morphine? thanks and god bless us all!

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Dad has pain when he walks, little when he sits, none when he sleeps. The morphine made him dizzy, but thats a usual side effect. Today he will get pet scans or MRI? How soon are those results available? Any idea?

I hope it hasnt spread at all or not too much. I am worried, but will try to help him as much as possible. We always try to remain positive, it lifts our mood. We will get cable in Spanish today so he can watch a variety of TV. I will keep u updated.

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My CT scan reports are usually available on the third working day after having been taken. I go into the oncologist's office and ask for a copy to read before I go to see the doctor, because I don't want there to be any big surprises and me sitting there terrified and trying to decide about options and treatments, etc., when I might have just been "blindsided" with something. The nurse always looks them over first and will explain anything she feels needs it. I know others don't care to know until the last minute...it's a personal choice. It usually takes my PET scan reports a bit longer to get processed and over to the onc's office--I just ask when they think they will be ready. Again, I like to know the lay-of-the-land before going in to the appointment. Saying a prayer for the best results possible for your dad.

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My father experienced a fair amount of nausea and vomiting during his second round of chemo. He received a combination of carboplatin and Gemzar as his first treatment and vomited once on day six. During his second round, he was sick for four days in a row after his double dose, beginning on day three. At his last appointment, we asked for a prescription for oral anti-nausea medication to take on an as-needed basis at home. He has lost quite a bit of weight now and his last treatment was postponed for at least a week because his white blood cells were down to 1.8. He received a shot of Aranesp instead of chemo this past week. Two days later his WBC's were up to 2.8.

Hope this helps. Good luck w/ your Dad.

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Guest JanetK

I have been on Gemzar/Carboplatin since 12/02, and have had minimal

side effects. I did'nt lose my hair, in fact it has grown back. (after losing

it on carbo/Taxol). I make sure and take compazine for the first few

days after an infusion, the one time I did'nt do this I was sick.

For me Gemzar has kept my tumor stable for several months, and now I'm showing slight reduction.

Hope your Dad has a good response.


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