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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! 69 degrees right now. Don't know expected high but it will get up to 78 by the weekend. Yeah!

I came and read last night but it was late and I was tired. I hit the wrong key somehow and lost my post towards the end. Wasn't done, so hadn't copied. Just could not start again.

Do remember I wanted to tell Bud I was trying to resist capitalizing on his biking but the ladies are putting a lot of pressure on me. I would feel undignified in a cheerleader outfit so maybe we could do something like your more tasteful biking outfit. I'm committing myself to starting my Total Gym again Jan 1 so I don't know if I can fit in both.

Bruce, what a lovely thing to do for your daughter. I do know how much fun these big kids can be but exhausting as well lol. Hate to tell you that I'd have to boycott your firepit event--what no roasted marshmallows??!!?

Judy, so glad you got your glasses. I remember the first time I wore glasses, was amazed I could see individual leaves on the trees. They gave me 20/20 vision when I had cataract surgery. Awesome.

Annette, hope you finish that project early today but with all your goings on, it didn't sound promising. And Libby, you might want to stay away from anything with a motor that moves for awhile lol.

Almost forgot. Our entertaining was a huge success. Nine of us, just nice for having conversation. Half couldn't make it because of it being last minute just as I'd planned lol. Another half dozen I would have wanted to invite if it were a "real party" would have taken us over 20 people. I think I will do it this way again. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy we must have posted at the same time. I just copied and pasted here. lol.

Good morning. If Bud went last yesterday I am going first today…..

I it is 34 degrees and we are having a warm up with rain next two days, just like Eric was saying one day you need a coat the next day a light jacket. Should be fun when it freezes up…

I am glad everyone got to enjoy my car hitting pole story. Judy in KW you did not miss that one. I posted it late and appreciate that you take the time to read my late posts thought maybe it wouldn’t get noticed, but also thought it was kind of funny and everyone could have a good laugh at it. Of course Bruce had to throw his barn/shed reminder in there and Eric remembered that also. Yep, drove the mower through the shed in early fall. Ok, ok maybe I should be more careful and yes the terrible headache, from the food of course, did wear off a few dents/fender later. Lol.. All I can do is laugh.

I truly enjoyed your crash story Judy MI, had me cracking up last night. I thought I might as well wait until this morning to post instead of late last night. Bud finally got to post “last” and I didn’t want to take that away from him…lol I don’t like to post during work because I am not sure whether computer use is monitored.

Oh Eric I am so sorry about Sally. Hugs, hugs, hugs to you. I hope that this is her time to admit defeat and let go of the denial. We both know that we can not fix people they need to want to help themselves. Keep me posted. I hope you don’t worry too much, like you don’t already have things to worry about. I have to tell you that you have the most up beat personality and I truly admire that. Nope not me, sometimes I sit for days feeling sorry for myself, I should be more like you out and about doing whatever I can to keep busy.

Annette I want to join the Bud team exercise club. Are you sitting down, are you ready for this? I was thinking about joining the local gym. OMG can you believe that. Why would I want to do that when I could just let Bud do the work, I get tired and need to rest just hearing how far he went. I have got to be nuts!!!!lol. Also I am so glad you are ok.

Judy in MI glad you got your new glasses I wouldn’t want you to hit any more poles either…:lol:

I have Fri, Sat and Sun off and looking forward to it. So today is my Friday. I am so busy trying to catch up at work. Tax season is also coming around the corner quick, but I think with all these last minute decisions most schedules will not be available until sometime in Feb. That gives me a chance to breathe…..

Hope everyone enjoys their day. Happy Thursday


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 59 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 72. But, right on schedule, a front is coming in tomorrow morning, and it's supposed to be a lot colder for the weekend. It's turning into one of those winters where the fronts always arrive for the weekend.

It's my version of Friday, so my weekend will start in about 6 1/2 hours. I'm planning on going fishing tomorrow, then just hanging around the house the rest of the weekend.

Have a great day, all! And have a fun New Year's Eve!

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Good morning all. Today's Air should have been in capital letters because I'm betting it is most of the worker bees Friday. In fact I am waiting for a couple of return phone calls and whether they come in or not I will be walking out by 3 p.m. myself to start a nice long weekend that is sure to fly by.

Judy (KW) - You cannot resist our EVTBT Cheerleading Team. And of course we will have tasteful uniforms - I don't think any of us are spring ckickens - so I think we should contact the guys that did the emperor's new clothes and see what they can come up with. (See how many people get that reference)

Libby - what am I going to do with you - If you start exercising - all of us well be in such good shape they won't recognize us anymore. Not that I am superstitious or anything but I went out and bought 3 workout videos in April of 2009 - I actually had started trying one of them - then in May of 2009 I got diagnosed with lung cancer - now I'm not saying that the exercise is what caused it but can it be a coincidence? If that doesn't work then it must have been the kidney stone I had blasted in January of 2009. So if I'm gonna exercise someone is gonna have to trick me into it.

And Libby - shame on you for saying that dirty word - - you know ..... Tax . . . . . {shiver}.

Yeah Bud - you will have to tell us exactly how many miles you did for the whole year. I look forward to your posts about riding to work everyday - even though I know the weather and errands get in the way sometimes. But in case I didn't say it elsewhere congratulations on reaching and exceeding your mileage goals this year. That is great.

Eric - As you can tell Judy (KW) has asked for tasteful cheerleading outfits so you are off the hook for that tutu. I do wonder how many of us remembered the recent kilt pictures and imagined the ballet outfit instead.... not me.

We should be a serious support group for those of us that are actually interested in exercising or start the New Year with some of those resolutions things. (Sign them in disappearing ink - that's my motto).

Anyone that is not smiling after our exercise antics needs a long weekend -


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Hi friends!

Our warm front is here. It's so weird, the lake had six inches of ice on it two days ago, and now it looks transparent, like it's not safe. There's no way six inches melted, but still? Think I'm going to try to keep hubby off the ice this weekend. We've had two days of fog due to the melt. Supposed to get to 50 by New Years.

Libby, you are my weather forecaster. Whatever you get, comes my way in a day or two. Yeah, they are saying on January 2, it's going to get really icy around here, the temps will drop dramatically, the snow has melted and we both will be ice skating our way around town. We may have different crash stories after this freeze comes through. Stay safe. I will too.

Today Gilda's Club starts back up. I'm meeting a man that I've been working with in email. He didn't want to "talk" about his lung cancer experience, so we corresponded several times in email. Turns out I'm good friends with his brother! What a small world we live in. Anyway, we're meeting tonight and I'm going to take him to his first cancer support meeting at the club.

Someone here posted an article about a woman that had 28 brain mets due to LC, and they did the gamma knife and saved her life. The other person I'm mentoring has 3 mets to jer brain, so I sent her the article, and she is exploring this option. In fact she posted at cancergrace.org yesterday. I have to go see what answers she got.

Anyway, hope you have a great rest of this great day.

MI Judy

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You are cracking me up. If you think that exercise video was the culprit, what would you think of finding lc a week into a new job?! Unfortunately, if I had waited another month to discover it, my private disability insurance would have kicked in.

Let's see, I've actually done pretty well with vehicles - 3 accidents in a short time - none my fault - two just people driving into the back of my stopped car (can we say, don't talk and drive?) and one when someone turned left from the other direction, in front of me on a wet street. I braked, but drove right into the side of their car. Their fault, my car was totaled.

Other than that, the funny one was when I spent a day in the community garden - full day of being a human rototiller (ah, those were the days) and on the way home, stopped for my once a year slurpie. Backed out of the parking spot and bam, hit the plum tree in the parking strip. Got out and looked at the poor tree - I was not the first one to perform that maneuver. Car was fine. Tree is still there, years later, poor thing. There was a crooked tree...

All this exercise talk, maybe I'll go swimming. PS - it is clear and cold today. Frost of the rooftops, blue sky.

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Judy in KW I am with you Bruce has to have toasted marshmallows. I will try to avoid anything with a motor, but there is no way I am in shape for cycling...lol I am happy your temps are warming up and that you get together went well. It is warming up to the 50's by Saturday, we will see.

Annette you are a trip. Yes I am going to try the exercise thing, and may I say "Again" it always seems to never last....You can keep cheering for me. Hope I can handle it..

Judy in MI, yes maybe we can go ice skating in the streets in a couple of days (of course avoiding the poles). Maybe I can cross over Lake MI and come see you. LOL.. wouldnt that be fun. Glad to hear that you found that article on brain mets to send to your friend, that should give her some positive hope. It is very kind that you are taking someone to a Gilda Club meeting. How I wish there was somewhere here to go.

Everyone have a great evening and a happy new year to anyone that will not be around :D


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