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A Re-Introduction


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Hi. It has been awhile! I have been actively lurking, but not that active in posting. Many of you are long time friends & know me...others are new :)

For those who don't know me, in a nutshell....my mom was diagnosed in 2003 with IIIA & my dad with BAC in 2007. My mom is lucky enough to be enjoying remission & 7 years of survival!

I used to post a lot....so many of the "old timers" have seen me get married, struggle through fertility, & finally be blessed with twins.

I have no excuse really......I was just busy with the twins (now 3), spending too much time on Facebook, on the go a lot more as a taxi-mom & not able to post from my phone, etc. But in reality I do feel guilty for not being as active!

I remember when my parents got diagnosed, it was WONDERFUL to hear from survivors who gave me hope & inspiration & who shared their knowledge. Sometimes after the initial shock wears off & time goes on & not in the midst of treatment & diagnosis, it is so easy to let time go by & not post as much.

I want everyone to know that I think of you all the time! You all inspire me!

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That was a very nice post and I am sure the regulars that were here before will appreciate hearing from you. Your twins are beautiful. Nice to meet you.


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Way to make me feel guilty, girlfriend!

If you have 3 y/o twins and can pop in now and again, I guess maybe I should try to do the same. After all, I used to post a lot more before I lost my job... Guess I have to blame it on the Facebook farm!

Wait 'til the newbies get a glance of your neurosis...

Love ya, girl!

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