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Wow - I am the first one here - and I truly would rather be snuggled back in bed. But I have to get off to the airport shortly for my trip to Minnesota. This is going to be a long 3 day trip - and then when we come back on Wednesday it's back to work for the rest of the day. I am not even looking at the weather - I'm pretty sure it is cold there and I only care at this point about surviving. I will be able to check in here so fear not I will not miss anything important.

Stay warm,


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Have a safe trip and stay warm Annette. Our weather here in Northern California is wonderful right now. Temperature yesterday climbed into the mid 60s and it is supposed to stay that warm all week. Slight chance of a shower today and so far no more on the horizon. Yesterday I had my windows open all day and can't wait to keep them open again. Not my kids or my cousins believe in open windows. I can't help but wonder if that is not why they all have colds and sinus problems so often. I started to get it then started opening the bedroom window at night and got better.

It has been a busy week sense I got home. Finally got everything pretty much put away and caught up with all of my annual paperwork for my rent and now need to take care of some for my insurance. Yesterday thanks to a neighbor I got my car running again. He had to fight to get the battery out because it fits so tight then we took it to the parts store and when it checked bad they gave me a new one. I drove around the corner to get gas. That was the first I drove in two and a half months and it felt good. Just hope the price of gas doesn't keep me from driving.

Yesterday I decided to use up some tomatoes that I had in my freezer. I don't eat them and when given to me I just cooked them and froze them knowing something would come up to use them for. Well I made a slow cooker full of home made bar b que sauce. Don't ask what all I put in it I just started putting spices and such and it turned out pretty good. Today I will try it on some chicken drum sticks in the oven. Had lunch at Red Lobster yesterday but today it is back to watching what and how much I eat.

I started walking the stairs again just a few flights at a time. I hope to increase it gradually and start dancing again. They are both good exercise for me and I really need it, not just to lose the weight but to help my back get stronger. Between the weight and lack of exercise my back is giving me a lot of problems when I just stand in one place for more than a minute.

With all of my sewing projects (I have orders for more gingerbread houses and more to make for my grandkids) and I have one quilt I have been trying to finish quilting for 4 years now and numerous embroidery projects started. I also am crocheting bottle carriers to try and sell to raise money at Relay for Life in June..

Speaking of Relay for Life the lady Katie put in touch with me called and we are going to discuss our rockathon on Tuesday. We were told we could pick the kind of cancer we want to donate to and we have chosen Lung Cancer. I just hope that means the money will go to Lungevity. That is one of the things we need to discuss. That is where I want it to go but in any case it will go to Lung Cancer research no matter what group it goes to. More when I know more.

Well time to get another cup of coffee and get on the phone with my kids. Haven't talked to them sense I left other than on Facebook.

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 44 degrees outside. Forecast high is 47. They also forecast a seventy percent chance of rain this morning, so of course it's dry.

Yesterday morning, it was 39 degrees when I got to the river, and stayed 39 degrees for quite a few hours. There was a thirty percent chance of rain, and it thirty percented on me pretty much non-stop all morning.

But the fishing was fun. Sometime after last weekend, and before yesterday, the white bass reached my crappie spot. They migrate up the river during the winter for a spawn in the river's headwaters sometime late in February or early in March. They stop at the deeper holes like my crappie spot on the way.

There will likely be schools of them passing through my spot the next three weeks or so. They draw a lot more fishermen than my finicky crappie do. While they're there, the biggest challenge to catch crappie is getting through the white bass. I probably caught over 100 white bass yesterday, but still brought home a nice mess of crappie. Even in what you could only call miserable weather conditions, I had a blast.

Good luck with your trip, Annette. Maybe spring will break out in Minnesota by the time you get there.

KW Judy, if you move your mouse pointer to Spinks Airport, just south of Fort Worth on that weather map, that's the NOAA station I always check. It's just four miles east of me.

Eric, I'm sure we'll enjoy all your musings and planning about your trip. It's always fun to hear what's occupying everyone's mind in our group on a given day.

Glad you got your car going, Lily. Have a great Sunday, all!

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I started to say then got side tracked, with all of my projects I am backing out of all the games on facebook. I just don't have time for them. Sense I got so far behind on my vacation I decided this is a good time to back out. So if I don't respond to your requests please don't be offended, I would rather have time for this board and to communicate with friends and family. I also want to work more on my family tree and some of my writing projects.

I am getting back into the groove here too but now we have formed a group to help with some of those projects and take the burden off of me.

Please say prayers for my sister in law Sherrell. We are still waiting on scan results. She had Sarciadosis 20 years ago and is having problems again. Last night she was rushed to the ER. For those of you who don't know it too attacks the lungs.

Now I really do have to run.

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boo !! :shock: got rid of one spammer today already..... sunny and cold in NC! christmas with sis and kids today due to snow storm christmas day... :D:D

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For the first time in I can't remember how long I don't have time to review all the posts - just checked into the hotel and a bunch of people are waiting for me at the bar to go out to dinner - I'd much rather stay in and play - sigh.

I will get up early and catch up but for now - out I go into that cold cold St. Paul air!


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Hello All,

It's 10:30 PM now, but was so busy today, no time to check in. Today was the official "taking down the Christmas stuff" day, and I did it! It's always with a sense of melancholy that I do this. And yet, thankfully it will feel like yesterday when it happens again. So not complaining one bit.

Annette, stay warm sweetie. That weather up North can be brutal!

Hope you enjoyed your dinner out.

Scheduled my CT scan for FEb. 1. Seeing the Onc. on Feb. 8. In spite of the cough, I think I"m okay, and expecting a clean bill of health. I think I need a total rehaul of my allergies and the meds I'm on. I will pursue that after the scan and Onc. visit.

Life is good, and I plan on it continuing that way....

MI Judy

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