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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Weather is mild here. Last night I got to wear my snuggie because my husband had the AC set so cold lol.

It's countdown for all you working folk and I'm hoping Thursday flies past for all of you. Welcome back Annette. I probably won't be much of a contributor today. I'm feeling really down and funky. No big deal just lots of irritating issues that keep the focus on my physical self and spending way too much time in doctors offices. Today I'm considering getting on the couch and not leaving. I'm sure Stan would feed me lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy sorry that things are getting you down. I understand completely those days when we just don't want to move.

I try to keep moving but there are times I just don't feel like it. I have a lot of allergy problems and add the tmj issue and it seems my head is always messed up in one way or another. So I have to really push myself to move at all on some days. Anyway I hope you get on top of it all soon.

Our weather here is beautiful right now. Temperatures range in the mid to high 60s, Yesterday we got up to 71 degrees and more of the same forecast for the next several days. I am enjoying it but know that we need to get rain now because in a few months that chance of rain will end until next Winter. That can be bad anywhere but especially around here.

I am still working trying to get the word out to my friends and family on Facebook about the Rockathon. We are paying our team registration fee from our general funds, money that we raise through out the year in various ways. We also have some ideas about raising money to get each of us a little start. Our first thing will be a soup and sandwich lunch sometime in February. We also plan on having a couple hot dog sales and maybe another lunch of some kind. Pepsi has donated drinks in the past and we hope they will again. We want to keep it simple and affordable for our neighbors who are all on Social Security or SSI.

I am still trying to find something that I can get people interested in for Lungevity in November. I don't think we can use the Rockathon sense it was suggest by Relay for Life/ I will have to check into that.

Well I guess it is time to get breakfast then do a few exercises. I need to do some stretches and then I hope I can get some time in dancing and doing stairs.

Have a great day and Eric you can not make a trip to the US and not visit California. Yosemite is one of the most spectacular places you will ever see but California is very diversified. You will find a little of everything here, from the mountains to DeathValley. There are dry areas and hot springs and some of the most abundant crops you will ever see. There are also marshes and the worlds largest living things, the great redwoods and Sequoia. There are flat sand beaches in the southern part of the state and cliffs overlooking the sea on the ragged central coast. There are 4 national parks, Yosemite, Seguoia/Kings canyon. Death Valley and Redwoods. There are some of the US biggest cities and there are quaint little towns and communities tucked away in the mountains. There are also numerous other national monuments in fact I think I my of shorted on National part. Joshua trees may be one too. There are still places in California that no human has ever set foot. So while you are exploring this great country don't forget California :!:

Wow I sound like a travel agent. Can anyone tell I love my state?

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Good morning, everyone! It was 50 degrees with drizzle as I rode to work this morning. That will be the high temperature of the day as a cold front came blasting in when I was about halfway to work.

The temperature is already down to 33 degrees, and we'll be having light sleet and snow any time now. It's not supposed to last long, and warm back to the mid 30's by this afternoon, so hopefully, the roads will be ok when I head home. The 30+ mph north winds will be a good tailwind.

I'm surprised that no one here is doing the Zumba classes. It seems to be the latest exercise craze, and is what Rose has been doing lately.

I hope you're feeling better soon, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Ah I still slide in on the AM side. Whew! Been such a sleepy head lately. Woke at 10, but went in and out of dozing for another hour. It's hard to sleep in, these days as the ice has fishermen early, and the dogs go nuts. I shut the blinds and lock them in the bedroom with me to quiet them down. LOL

This has been an unusual mild winter. Usually January is a bitter cold month, and in between we usually get our heaviest snows. But we have only had 3 to 4 inches at a time this year. Other than the lakeshore that always gets hammered with the lake effect. And it's 21 today. It's supposed to get in the teens tomorrow, but still that's mild. We're usually hanging in the negatives this time of year.

Loving how late it stays light out now. On Dec. 21, the longest day of the year, it's dark until 8:30AM and dark again at 4:30. Now it's exactly one month later, and it's light by 7:15AM and light until 6:15PM. Now when I say light it's not full daylight, but it's not dark out if you know what I mean. I love it!

I'm off to Gilda's Club today, and trying to get caught up on some projects that I promised others, so gots to go!

MI Judy

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Good almost afternoon all,

Been a crazy morning - actually trying to work and realizing that one training session is not enough to sink into my old brain - so I'm struggling. I think I may have brought a cold back with me - not sure but I am sniffling and coughing a little. I carried my Germ X with me and everytime I shook hands with anyone I quickly broke it out - somebody must have breathed on me the rascals. I am finding it hard to get back into the FB games - the little tiny computer I took with me and the slow hotel internet access just frustrated me so I barely played. I think if my mom hadn't called twice asking me to plant something in Frontierville and do some cooking quest in Cafe - I might have taken another day off. (This of course means I probably am coming down with something - because me and my computer have a connection - I don't mean like one of those dating things - I mean like it calls out to me - ....time to harvest.... time to feed the zoo babies treats.....time to cook - and the next thing you know I've spent 4 hours on the darn thing. Just turn it off you say - - - but I haven't played bejeweled or the price is right yet - just a few more minutes...

I'm not saying I'm in any way OCD - but these games are just made for me - take Farmville.. every crop has 3 stars to master by planting so many fields so I will work steadfastly on that - except of course when someone asks me to participate in a co-op. Then there are the new tree orchards - and 3 star mastery in them - ok - another list of things to accomplish. And I have to build orchards - and then I have over 60 seedling trees so only 600 more watering cans do I need.

How many people understand when I say - PT Barnum would have loved face book games?

(Remind me and I'll tell you what I mean tomorrow)

Judy - I hope you are feeling chipper - we can't all be feeling like the truck ran over us at one time - someone must be typing and smiling.

Judy (WI) - You should see Minnesota - there is like 4 feet of snow plowed up along the streets - it is a mess! I was freezing walking from the hotel to the van and then in the evenings going down in the parking garage - Cold air is just not this unexercising person thing. The walk thru the airport bout did me in. I may (might, perhaps, maybe, etc.) have to start think about doing some exercises to build up my lung efficiency. Sigh - that's like having 2 full time jobs to someone of my past exercise experience.

Bud - I think I was too tired to ride with you today - where or where is that spring! One day to go to the weekend.....


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Annette, don't tell me 4 feet of snow! Whatever happens there comes here in a day or two. Eek!

OCD? Maybe just a little girl. I don't play those FB games for that very reason. I am OCD and I know I'd become obsessed, so I never started and never will. It would become an unhealthy compulsion! LOL!

Good to see you back. Hope both you and Judy get to feeling better.

MI Judy

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Good evening everyone.

It is currently 5 degrees. Judy in MI you spoke too soon. Tomorrow we are having the coldest day yet. It will be -20 or so in the morning. They are predicting several days of below zero and highs of single digit 7 or 8 degrees. We have at least a foot of snow on the ground yet. Go Packers Go.

Judy in KW, hope you are feeling better tomorrow. I did it I took my stuff to work and went to the gym right after. I need to learn not to go home first. lol. I am off tomorrow and hoping to get some projects done around the house. Hope you are getting some needed rest and you enjoy Stan's dinner.

Annette I am going to have to check out those facebook games. I know I have a farm from way back when. I don't even know how to get there. I did have friends sending me things. Humm wonder what I do with them. Hey I will let you know when my farm gets going. If there were animals depending on me they are probably dead. lol What game has the zoo babies, I would like that, if I don’t starve the poor things and forget about them. Well hope you didn't catch a cold it could just be the change in weather, yeah that's it.

Bud hope you made it home ok today. Sounds like your weather was crazy. Zumba is very popular here also; I don't do it because I would probably trip over my two left feet. lol

Lily I too have TMJ issues also. Sometime it is so bad my head is pounding and my ears just ache. My Dr. tells me to go to a specialist but I won't because I heard of surgery horror stories. I just suffer with it.

Hope Bruce is doing ok? Hi Eric.

Well hope I didn't miss anyone. Time to watch Steven Tyler on American Idol in 10 min.

Good night.


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