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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Beautiful sunny blue skies morning,would say spring like if it wasnt 1 degrees C outside,thinking about taking the car out today for a visit to the countryside.

Sorry guys havent been in the post box recently I will catch up on the bleathers later and post again to-night .

Well its all very exciting at work yesterday,senior management have issued notice of a voluntary severance scheme,with all the fine details described,cannot share with you fully,but it is very attractive to me,applications to be in for 15th Feb,acceptance entirely at management's discretion with no appeals allowed.Signs are personally my application will be accepted,question is do I get early release,miss the fun of the HMIe inspection and the National Competition in May? fingers crossed I do.The college and all colleges throughout the entire UK are facing these cuts in public spending,the right wing Conservative Government have never been lovers of the Further Education Sector,Margaret Thatcher aimed at funding individual companies directly to meet their own training needs,fortunately they were put out of office before it came to fruition.It is of course rediculous in making these cuts in the section when there is currently the highest levels of youth unemployment,more than one million persons under the age of 25 are unemployed and not in training,but for more idealogical rather than economical reasons this Government is flying in the face of what this country needs.500,000 public sector jobs to go,apparently the government thinks this will be taken up by the private sector,when they themselves are shedding employees.It will all end in tears methinks,think I will just stay with you this summer.

Really sorry for the politics this morning,but I really feel better getting that off my chest,grrrr.I read the USA is actually doing much better now economically,hopefully the unemployed will begin to find work again.

Hasnt there been some shocks in Aussieland with the tennis who would believe Nadal and Federer out,Andy has been playing out of his skin an absolute delight to watch him like this,oh I do hope he can win his first major to-morrow,everyone in Scotland will be glued to their TV sets.Will it be tears or cheers? ooh its so exciting.Got to dash the sunshine is bekoning me to come outside and play,see you to-night.Bye

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Morning All! Still chilly in KW. No more said about that lol.

Eric, I would say aren't you out and about early this morning but I have no idea what time it is there. Wait, think I'll go check the clock. It is 15 min past noon GMT time. Sorry forgot to check where exactly and you have crazy times zones like the US. It nuts. I really do love google.

Ladies, I have the perfect option to passing as Ukranian: I realy don't care what people think lol. That's a trait I've always had a bit of. I once used friends visiting in February to keep it up til after their stay lol. Now with age and cancer, I really don't.

Ann, I really feel for you. As distasteful a task as it is, you get sucked into it sometimes and can't find a place to stop. I was so relieved to pass it on. I was lying in bed last night and remembered that yesterday I was supposed to email the accountant a couple of things she still needed. But you being at work until 5 yesterday was just wrong!

Got much of XMas put away. The rearranging in boxes to eliminate stuff made it take longer. Few odds and ends this morning and I'm done. Going to dinner at John's tonight so have to conserve my energy. Already got my good black sweater out of the RV to wear. I'm sure we'll sit outside like fools.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

PS Eric is in GMT so he's have lunch somewhere fab right now.

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Good morning,

Well I slept in late again, but did this on purpose. Today is going to be a sad day. I adopted two kitties. One, Harley, is a grey tabby boy, and has been with us for ten years. The other, Tula, is a calico, tiger mix, and absolutely gorgeous, and has been with us about 1 1/2 years.

About five years ago, I got tested for allergies, and was told I'm allergic to cats. At that time we didn't have Tula, and I didn't seem to have too much trouble with Harley. Then we got Tula, and I did begin to have a lot of problems. She has a different kind of dander than Harley, and it makes my nose run, and I cough.

So I've been on the fence for the last six months, as to what to do. I set about trying to find homes for both of them. After we got puppy Olive, Harley decided he didn't like two dogs and found a spot in the basement to urinate. Not all the time, but enough to tell me that he's ticked off, and wants me to know it.

*sigh* As I said, I called every sanctuary, pleaded with friends, facebooked their plight, and nothing happened. So I had to make an appointment to take them into the Humane Society today at 2:30. Quite frankly it sucks. I didn't get bonded with Tula because I knew right away that I was allergic to her and getting close to her was not an option. But Harley was my cuddle baby, and my heart breaks to think that he's going there, and they will euthanize him.

I called them and when I told them the problems, they said they would place Tula in a new home. They said they could not place a cat that does not use the litter box. I obviously knew what she meant, and said "I know."

So, sad day today. Fortunately Randy will take them in. I'll stay behind and collect all their toys, etc., and I have two single Mom girlfriends that I'll give the fun stuff too.


MI Judy

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Good afternoon - wow is it that late - everyone.

I have been sitting on the couch watching shows from the DVR that I just don't have time to watch during the week.

Eric - Keith and I enjoy many of the Opens, but as I read him hour post from earlier he said no, Andy is out - of course he wasn't thinking of Andy Murry as you are - he was thinking Roderick. Like most fans it is shocking for the #1 and #2 players to both be out at this stage. And I guess I would root for Murry over "Joke" as he is the lesser of two evils so to speak. I sure do miss some of the older players - give me some of the players from the 70's and 80's!

Judy (KW) - I know how Ann feels I was at work yesterday til 5:30 - but I'm guilty of socializing and not realizing the time which made me bring work home - which will sit on the couch next to me all day - undone! I did not put up decorations this year since my daughter went to Oklahoma so I finished putting stuff away as soon as the wrapping paper went out to the curb.

Judy (MI) - I can certainly understand how hard it is to give up a pet - even if it is making you ill. My cat is now a little over a year old and I wouldn't give him up for anything - except like you allergies that I could not manage. I know that my significant other has taken very well to routinely trimming his nails and bathing him with some special shampoo for dander in the hopes that it helps his sinuses. He also keeps him out of the bed (but when he is not home I am a pushover and the cat sleeps with me). I wish I was closer I would probably have offered to take one at least to try. You have my understanding and hugs.

Back to the television - many shows to watch this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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