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Sunday's air


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Yep, still up from Saturday. Tried going to bed once, but spent an hour tossing and turning and was afraid I'd wake Larry up, he has to get up for work (early shift today) in an hour, so I got back up.

Funny, I took Ambien Friday night because I haven't been sleeping well. Took me an hour to get to sleep:!: Larry let me sleep this morning, and into the afternoon. Could be part of why I'm not all that tired, I got up at 1:00 in the afternoon! Must have needed the sleep?

I'm not sure how Bruce ended up in that darn tutu again, but considering he's been holed up in the Yukon all winter, he may need a fourfour, or at least a threethree! Don't we all put on a layer or so of fat for our winter hibernation? Well, everyone but Bud...

Went to PetSmart today, they were having an adopt-a-thon, so I got my puppy fix. Sweetest little black puppy, husky-lab(?) mix with blue eyes...a sweetie, but the foster parent said she's an escape artist. Sure don't need one of those!

Judy, you warming up that blender? ...but there's booze in the blender, and soon it will render, that frozen concoction that helps me hang on...(I found the salt shaker and I'm bringing it on down!)

I am looking forward to spring, but if I see any of ya'll in tutus in my front yard, I'll be testing rock salt in the shotgun! Learning all kinds of redneck things here in the sticks...LOL

Hoping to fall off to a gentle slumber soon, may the rest of you be bright tailed and bushy eyed while reading this! :roll:

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From everything I have read I thought for sure you would join the tutu gang. You don't have to wear a tutu - Bruce, in the tutu and margaritaville shirt and flipflops (sometimes I forget the pants) is the mascot of the EVTBT (Exercising Vicariously Through Bud Team) - everyone was trying to be so healthy and Bud does all that great bike riding - we saw no reason we shouldn't root him on as cheerleaders - so we needed a mascot - which is where bruce, tutu, margaritaville tee shirt, flip flops riding a llama came in.

So Becky, please think it over and join us - you wont have to see any of us in tutus - (just Bruce) - I think that we really need your sense of humor and together all of us can put a smile on all the members face - even get a decent belly laugh - and we all know laughter is the best medicine.

My mom called me earlier - and they may be letting her out early (as in today) - I will still have to cart her around and drive her and the nephew to court tomorrow - but thankfully she will be there since she is his guardian.

Hope that everyone is resting up.


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Good afternoon!

Quiet place today. Must be the weather. It's so gorgeous here. 42 degrees and the snow is melting like CRAZY! February can still bring some mighty cold snaps and snow storms, but it also gives us Northerners a glimpse of Spring ahead. It was so sunny, we Michiganders were walking around squinting like moles coming out of their homes after months in darkness.

I went to church this morning. Then came home, heated up my chili (and I make a awesome chili) and took it to a party for a friend that just turned 50. It was a surprise party, and she was completely surprsied! I love that.

Annette, your explanation to Becky totally cracked me up. What a group of zanies we are in this AIR place. Isn't it great fun though? I hope Mom gets out today and can tend to her charge (your nephew). What a mess.

Our best friends have two sons, who are bright boys that pull straight A's in school. They just seemed like young men that had it all together. This past week, one got caught with his buddies, grinding up Prozac and snorting it. The other one got caught smoking a doobie in his truck in the school parking lot! What a shocker it was for them and for us.

Becky, I promise you I won't be showing up in your back yard in a tutu, and I live fairly close to you! LOL

Well, got some laundry to do and then a part of my week that I love a lot, reading the newspaper. We only get the Sunday Press and it's a big newspaper, and I love to just get caught up on what's happening in that big old world out there. I skip the bad stuff. :)

MI Judy

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Becky & Annette - thanks for the tutu explanation. I don't show up on here too much, but had caught a glimpse of Eric in a tutu and wondered what was up - but wasn't sure I wanted to ask. :lol:

And I would definitely like to be a member of the EVTBT (right down my alley)!

Thanks for the laughs.


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Hi Katie,

Seems like your friendship with Julian Assange has paid off,the guy in the photo is one that Bruce hoped would never be revealed,but he didnt know Wikileaks would get their hands on it.Come on Bruce,dont sulk,I think you look pretty smart in your outfit,you dont have any more to share with us do you?

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