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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 56 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 66.

Other than a bit of bicycle maintenance yesterday morning, I pretty much zombied out at home the entire weekend, trying to see if some time off my feet would help my shin splints.

Bud,thanks for the comment "Eric stop playing with the bots" for the life of me I really dont have a clue what you mean?could you shine some light please?

Eric, I was just making a joke. You had replied to a forum spam post made by a spambot in the My Story forum. It was a post about quitting smoking, and did look a lot like a real post, but any time someone's first post here is full of advertising links, that's a pretty good indication that it's not a real post. I hope it's good news on your retirement today.

Stephanie, we have a couple of meat free dinners every week these days. More would suit me fine. I hope KW Judy is having a blast on her cruise. Have a great day, all!

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Wow - it's that four letter word day already - Monday. I am absolutely swamped even though I worked a bit at home this weekend. And our lovely computer network to our corporate office in St. Paul MN is obviously on strike - and things are just oozing through. Everything takes triple the time so I need this week to be about 15 days long - wait a minute - no way - do not add any work days - just make the computer go faster - like my brain.

All those that laughed at my brain being quick - please don't tell anyone else.

Tonight will be exciting stupid TV - The Bachelor will have spots in where they announce the new Dancing with the Stars stars. I really enjoy that show. (Yes the Bachelor too - there are still many reality shows that I have not surfed upon yet but there is hope).

My daughter told me last night that both the grandkids (1 and 3) are off toy story over and over and now won't allow anything but Dogs and Cats in the DVD Player - and of course they make appropriate noises. I have got go get myself over to see them - I know I miss her when I go back and watch Gilmore Girl episodes -can't tell you how many times we both wind up watching that series at the same time cause we need a mommy daughter day.

I'll check back in later to see what everyone did over the weekend -


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Good Evening All,

Another beautiful spring day here,I met with my Principal today,college board of management have approved my voluntary severance application,only problem is when it becomes effective from,some staff are leaving immeadiately on gardening leave,ie full pay up to the end of June but dont appear at work,with HMIe coming on 21st March, I knew I wouldnt get to leave before that event,they are going to advertise my vacated post at Easter time,looking for me to shepard the new person to allow for a smooth transition into the job,so I suggested I stay until end of April,however the Head of Department,wants me to stay until the end of June,think there may some trouble looming.Anyway main thing this is my last term,39 years,where did all that time go?.

Bud,thanks re-spam,yes I am a bit naive/gullable,my daughter is concerned for me travelling around the USA solo,Dad she says you are not street wise,be careful,dont take your laptop or camera,I am sure she will next come out with, if any nice man offers you sweeties (candy) dont go in his car with him.How did I manage to get to 62 in one piece?.

Annette,I had Libby's home e-mail address also,and have e-mailed her days ago,had nothing back in return.Just wish we could hear something,even just to hear she is alright,it is a worry isnt it?

Katie, I am so looking forward to seeing your new plans for here,I wish you every success in your efforts-good luck.

Well Judy's off hope she manages the odd post in now and again.Goodnight everyone,enjoy the rest of the day.

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Good news about your acceptance Eric - as long as you get on that plane for the July vacation! I know you are meeting several people across the country from this forum - so perhaps we just need to make sure you get a phone here stateside that you can call any of us no matter where you are to check on things that you may think are crazy. Your daughter is right - there are always nuts looking for a way to make a free living. I know you will be covered here - Keith and/or I will be glad to assist you here and in DC too if you wanted - although again he is more familiar than I am. My daughter is going up there for a weekend away for her 3rd anniversary in March - so I suspect she will know more than me too.

On to the bad news for me - gosh the stress has been absolutely horrible and I'm due to start my scanxiety soon. My mom posted on facebook no less that they were serving a warrant on my nephew at school today. They want him in a facility to ensure that he stays alive long enough to go to court I guess. I know somewhere in that hard part of my heart that he must have consequences for his actions but my goodness they didn't even give my mom a chance to get him to a psychiatric appointment. I cannot imagine being 14 and just taken away - literally breaks my heart - even if it could be the right thing. I hope I get over this stress in time to feel better so I can start stressing about my scans on the 16th of March. I may have to have priority stress factors - especially if anyone needs me to worry about them here -

Gonna pack my stuff up and go home for the day - Our internet here at work might as well be snail mail today.


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Hello All,

Well the first thing I want to share is that the first sign of Spring happened today in Michigan! Yippee! We live, as you know, on a little lake. Surrounding the lake are large sandy hills, with brush and trees, but lots of empty areas. It's beautiful.

Every year, I know when Spring is truly just around the corner when I hear the familiar prehistoric CAW of the Sand Hill Cranes. I love these giant birds! They are about four feet tall, and just hang out on sandy hills (hence the name LOL), and like to be near water (hence why they hang out with us).

Today I heard their CAW and saw one, with his gigantic wing span soar over our lake. It's so amazing.

I don't know why, but that CAW of theirs is haunting, and yet beautiful. I don't know if it brings out the prehistoric in me? But they do remind me of birds that would have existed thousands of years ago, and still exist. They enchant me.


Anyway, back to Monday. Today was full of meetings with different folks for different reasons. Was so nice. Got home to one of my favorite pillows, shredded by little Olive. It's very difficult to be mad at her when she's looking up at me with her head tilted as I scold her and her little pom pom tail is wagging furiously! sigh

Annette, it's so funny how the stupid tv has become so popular here! I'm an Idol nut, so that's the one I'm addicted to. Dancing with Stars too. Ticks me off when the two shows overlap though!

Katie, thanks for the heads up on the news coming soon! Will visit there. You work so hard!

Eric, you made me laugh with the story about your daughter! How funny. And how can you make a trip anywhere with out your camera and lap top. You might want to check out the technology on your cell phone. Our phones in America have to be equipped with GSM software to work overseas. The standards for cellular in Europe are different than the standards in the USA. I know this because I used to sell switches to cellular carriers.

Congrats on the good news! Shows what an impact you make there if they can't let you go until June.

Annette, I'm so sorry about your woes these days. Work, nephew, upcoming scans. I wish I could reach out and hug you!

Well, with hubby home during the day it makes for weirdness for me. He keeps interrupting me as I'm doing this very important stuff here! Dang!

MI Judy

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Hi Annette,

The saga of young wayward continues,I suppose if he has shown to be a risk to himself and being a minor the authorities do have a duty of care towards him,someone has obviously has done a full risk assessment to justify their actions.Imagine the reaction from the press if anything untoward were to happen to him.I really hope your Mom can recognise this may be best all round for everyone concerned,maybe she can have a bit more time to herself and rest up a bit, in his absence?Sorry if my opinions are a bit awry since I only have an outsiders view of the problem.

Scananxiety? Annette we dont get offered these as a follow up in the UK,our medical guys here dont recognise any merit in having them done,they think its just the American way of generating money,to no advantage to the reciprocant.Well I decided last year to fund my own cost approx £500,my oncologist and GP were not best pleased with me when I presented the report and CD,for them to interpret.All clear basically they told me.Still thinking to have it done again this year?.The Medics here did mention the Scanaxiety effect on patients,another reason why they dont like them here.

Hi Judy Good to hear from you,got to keep our ship afloat here whilst Judy's away on hers.Thanks for the story about the Sand Hill Cranes,love to photograph them,I am at present on the internet,looking for a Cannon telephoto lens to buy for my USA trip,thinking 300mm,maybe more?ideal to capture wildlife from a safe distance without disturbing them.Good night all, see you to-morrow.

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