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And I am so tired I can't even be glad.....but i was a bad girl last night. A friend called and said "I have tickets to the 7:30 show at the comedy club" - I said but I am usually in bed - come on she says. So I went - - and it was definitely a good workout for the laugh muscles - had a decent time - The comics were not headliners but they were good for a Thursday night. Home by 9 and then of course it was right back to thinking of everything that is going on.

I am sitting at work working on 3 things hoping to get any one of them done - or maybe I am really just hoping for a phone call to go get my mom - she is insisting she will be getting out today - or they will have to move her IV once again because it keeps infiltrating (sound smart don't I - Just remember that for when I don't some other time...)

It was kind of a cool wet morning here but maybe that was just my mood cause I sure didn't want to roll out today. It is Friday - and I will relax at some point tonight and watch stupid tv cause that is what I need.

Anybody got any fun plans for the weekend.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 45 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 77. The south wind is supposed to really come up this afternoon, so it will be a tough ride home to finish the week. I rode to work all five days this week.

Rose's last class is this evening. I'm thinking I may get the boat out tomorrow. I haven't decided yet where I want to go.

Let's hope we have no disappearing posts today. My weekend starts in a little less than six and a half hours. Have a great Friday, all!

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Good afternoon. It's 1:20PM here. Had my life group ladies this morning, and now, back home. Thinking another nap. I have nothing to complain about but it's just tough to still be hacking. No more complaining. When I tell you I am feeling better, you will know!

The post disappearing yesterday is most mysterious! KW Judy certainly is not hanging out to do that, and Bud and Snowflake said they didn't too. How weird.

So yesterday I visited my cancer mentor friend that I've written about. She did agree to have the WBR. They were going to do the gamma knife and at the last second called it off because they found more tumors. So she agreed to the WBR. To her suprise (not mine) the only side effect she felt was fatigue. She got through 14 sessions, and is now enjoying life without the side effects of brain mets. She has to go in to the doc in two weeks for another CT scan, to find out if it helped. I can tell already that it's helped!


It was a nice visit.

Well this weekend Annette, I'm going to volunteer at Gilda's Club to help behind the scenes while Laughfest is gong on. BUT, Sunday night we are going to see Bill Cosby!!!!! We get to go to the VIP pre-party too because Randy is on the committee. I might get to meet the man. How exciting. I have loved him as long as I can remember. So that is my exciting news.

Well, bummed, the Young and the Restless got pre-empted by the President's speech. Tsunami, world oil crisis, Libya, earth quakes, yak yak yak. LOL. Just kidding. Serious stuff going on in our world. I am praying for everyone affected by this disaster. I have not seen the news of the effect this has had on our friends in Japan. Just praying.

Have a good rest of the day. It's heaven here, 40 degrees, sun shining, snow melting. Yes.

MI Judy

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Hi everyone it is another sizzling day here at 38 degrees. I just can't take this weather anymore. What am I doing here?

I was thinking maybe the cookie monster ate Katie B. post :lol: Weird but it is not the first time this has happened. Technology has a mind of it's own.

Annette you must have gotten a good stomach workout with all that laughing last night. Hopefully you had a couple of drinks so even if they were not that funny you still laughed :lol:

Glad you kept you mind occupied for a little bit anyways. I was just watching all this crazy stuff in Japan, very frightening. Aso glad to hear that NED is ok. My daughter told me that several kids from her school are on a band trip in Tokoyo right now, but she did hear they are ok.

Bud hope you have a good time fishing this weekend. My daughter has solo ensemble this weekend and is trying out for state with several different solo songs and a small group also. Hopefully she or they will make state. That is where my Saturday will be, in a school building waiting our turn (8 hours) what a long day it will be. I will need a nap after that or maybe a drink! Not doing much other then cleaning this weekend and thinking about somewhere warmer to visit...

Judy in MI, sorry your not feeling so well today. But yet you just keep moving along. What an inspiration you are. As sick as you feel you are still there to help others. You are WONDERFUL...

Well need to go to a clients and then run some errands. TGIF. Hey Bruce where are you?????


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Well...how's this for a late night air???

I have been so busy at work that I have been totally exhausted when I get home. I'm looking forward to the time change on Sunday. At least it won't be dark when I get home after working 10 ours a day. I have really missed reading all your posts and adding in my own two cents.

So glad to read that everyone is doing well.

Florida weather is pretty chilly tonight. I'm all covered up in a blanket while posting. The temps have been like a roller coaster here and we never know how to dress from one day to the next. But, soon the hot and humid weather will hit us and the misery will begin.

I'm saying prayers for all of the earthquake victims and their families. What terrible news this was to wake up to this morning.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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