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Wow, so much to acknowledge today and I don't want to miss anyone.

Bud, anytime there is a problem with a child it is heart wrenching. I hope they find the cause and a quick fix. My heart is with you.

Judy, keep sleeping until you get the good news that we all are waiting for.

Annette, I hope your stresses are slowly dropping off your shoulders.

Eric, I am basically retired but I work 2 days a week. Provides greens fees.

Ok, joke of the day. An oldie but goodie.

John and Marsha both believe in reincarnation and in communicating with the dead. They promise each other that if something happens to one of them, the other will try and communicate with them 30 days after.

Well, poor John gets hit by a car. 30 days later, Marsha says John, John can your hear me?

Yes, Marsha

What's is like up there?

Well, we get up early and have a good breakfast and then we have sex until noon. Then a nice lunch, a short nap and then sex until dinner. After dinner, we have sex until we are exhausted.

John, I had no idea it was like that in heaven.

Marsha, heaven nope, I'm a jack rabbit in Arizona.

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Hi Ginny,

Thanks for the laughs,wonder if Ann will come along next?

Chic Murray,sadly now passed away, was one of my favourite comedians,Glaswegian of course,I think I posted in one of his previous jokes sorry for repeating myself.

Man walking his dog down the street,bumps into another,they exchange the pleasantries of the day,then asks the man "Where are you going?" the man with the dog replies,"I am taking my dog to the Vet to have him put down" "Is he mad?" asks the first gentleman, "Well he is not very pleased" says the other.

Chic walking down an icy pavement (sidewalk) in Sauchiehall St,slips and comes down with a painful clatter,passerby enquires "did you fall sir"? oh no says Chic I have a bar of toffee in my hip pocket that I was just trying to break.

Chic on holiday to Blackpool,arrives at a B&B early hours in the morning,knocks on the front door to no response, eventually after several attempts the landlady throws open an upper floor window and shouts "What the hell are you doing knocking at my front door at three o clock in the morning for ?" "I want to stay here" says Chic "well stay there then" as she shuts her window

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