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Spring Sadness


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Does anyone else seem to feel particularly sad with the onset of spring? Things are turning green and beginning to bloom here in NC and while beautiful, the cold and dark days of winter matched my mood so much better. It has been 5 months since Gene died and I just had a birthday, the first since his passing, and his birthday is coming up in early April.

So many "anniversaries" too, both good and bad. Spring is when Gene and I met, when I lost my mother 23 years ago, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.... I just feel so overwhelmed with emotion.

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it is truly hard to watch mother nature breathe new life into foliage and surroundings right now for sure. I have 6 Rembrandt tulips in bloom on one side of house and daffodils all over thanks to Deb. that was probably 10 years ago they were planted.

I know how you feel.... :(

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Bill and I were in working in Lake Tahoe in the winter/spring of 2006. It was wonderful. We came home in March, he was diagnosed with SCLC in April and passed in April 2008. Springs are sad times and happy times for me. Very bittersweet but the memories are what carry me through life. God is so good bringing us the beauty of spring.

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For me, spring is both a sad and a happy time. I've had both of my cancer diagnoses in the spring, so when things start blooming again and the weather starts getting warm, I am reminded of the terrifying spring days I've had in the past.

Of course, since I have had springtime diagnoses, I have my mammogram, chest xray and lung surgeon annual visit in the spring, which always manages to put me into some kind of panic before it's all over.

We do usually take a vacation just before all of that though, so I can focus on something fun for a while rather than all the anxiety leading up to these doctor's appointments, so that's a good thing.

But, overall, I think of spring as such a time of hope and good days to come. I am an outdoors person, and spring means that I can get out there again and enjoy the beautiful warm days, green grass, and flowers again for another six months.

I also love baseball, and here we are now, less than one week until opening day! To have the baseball game on in the evening, and to go to a few White Sox games means summer to me as well.

I have tulips coming up and the daffodils are just waiting for a few nice days to burst open, so, despite a couple of weeks of trepidation for me, I find spring to be such a wonderful time of the year.

I totally understand the seasonal memories that are connected wtih losing loved ones-my sister died on Dec 30, so /New Years Eve is a hard time for me and my family, even 21 years later. I will say that time passing helps some, but I do get it.


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I can relate to this. My little sissy was told on April 11, that she had brain cancer, and it was terminal. That was a long time ago, but I still think of it.

In addition, my Dad was boarding a plane on April 11, 3 years later, to fly to Mayo clinic. He had been diagnosed with brain cancer as well, and wanted a second opinion, since the local doctors told him it was terminal. Mayo clinic confirmed that and he died the following June.

Then I was diagnosed in early June with my cancer. So yeah....I get it.

I do try to think of Spring as a time of renewal, and birth, and all that it brings. But I still have some melancholy feelings like you.

MI Judy

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