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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! 31 degrees in Kutztown PA, 74 in KW, FL. I'm in Kutztown. What's wrong with this picture.

Haven't been on the computer much. My air desk in the coach seems so unstable compared to the one at home. I finally moved onto the table this morning.

The visit has not been what I'd hoped so far. I got screwed up with the days my friend was off work. I was here yesterday and she would have come see me but I thought she was working. Now she's not off til Friday lol. I'm a space cadet. I need to call Kasey. She's going to Phila today but we still have plenty of days since will be here into mid-week next week. Stan and I will go out and about today but I will bundle up for sure.

Glad to get news of Ned although it's not what we would all hope (improvement), at least he is comfortable and close to home. So so sad.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Stay warm up there Judy - won't be fun thawing out on the way back down 95. I agree about the news on Ned - good - then the last sentence is heartbreaking and I'm still hoping for better.

This has been an interesting morning. Keith works at home on Wednesdays - so his office phone is forwarded - of course it rang at 6:00 a.m. It really wasn't that long ago that I got up at 6 everyday to get to work by 7. (That nut thankfully has gotten better). So I reset the alarm for 6:30 - when my mom called to ask what time the meeting was this afternoon (the one I had told her about for 4 days in a row now). So then I sent the alarm for 7 - yes I can still get up get showered and be at work by 8. (In fact - when I set it for 7:30 I was thinking I could still get to work by 8). But I couldn't go back to sleep so I wound up getting up at 7. I think I need a sick day - I'm sick of getting up so early in the morning. Tomorrow's a maybe!.

We were watching the DVR til 10 p.m. last night so it was a late night since I can't sleet until I have read a few pages (which becomes a battle between me and the ambian when the book gets good). But boy am I tired today.

It is chilly out there too - only in the low 60's today. Monday was summer and now we are back in warm winter. I don't think Canada is for me. I'm more like Judy (KW) with the little heater on if it's below 75.

Anyway - I better get up and walk around before the nap mode kicks in instead of the work mode - I believe this may be a long long day.


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Hello All

What a weekend. Monday evening about 9 got a sms to say must be at a meeting at 1030 on Tuesday. Got up before 4 and left for Ladysmith. The meeting was just a lot of hot air. Left and picked up my car and went back to Durban to see the audiologist. Now have two hearing aids. what a difference. No one can say anything about me now.

The kitchen is in a shambles as there is rubble still to be removed but there was no time as I had to leave at 4 and there were a few things to secure.

In total I did about 1000 kms this weekend.

Now for the push until 20 April and a long break of about 12 days.

Chat again.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 53 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83. It will be a strong south wind to ride against on the way home this afternoon.

When I got home yesterday, I hopped on the bike and rode 25 miles, since I hadn't ridden to work. Rose made carrot cake, my favorite, for my birthday. Don't tell anyone, but I had carrot cake for breakfast this morning, rather than my usual oatmeal. I had lost one pound each of the last two weeks, but I don't think that's happening this week.......LOL.

Sounds pretty chilly where you are, KW Judy. The forecast here is calling for highs in the 80's every day for the next 10 days. Works for me.

Annette, on the mornings I ride to work, I get up at 3:55 am. If I drive, I get to sleep in until 4:40 am.

Have a great day, all!

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Bud - Let me think if I rode to work - I would have to call Two Guys In A Truck to deliver my bed because figure the odds of me making it - and what about my DVR - I'm thinking this is just not going to work. I'm gonna go and hug my car.


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43 here, high 50, low 36. Forecast for Sunday is 67! Get out the shorts, and sandals. Yippee!

Annette, your comment to Bud was hilarious! Two men and a truck! LMBO.

Ronnie, loved the comment about no one can say anything about you now! That is funny! It must be amazing to go from not hearing well to hearing everything! How nice. Must get my bellowing husband in soon.

Bud, there is nothing in the whole wide world that makes 3:55AM even remotely possible, unless I need to get up to pee. LOL! Seriously. What is up with you guys? My husband loves getting up at 4:00AM. He tries to convince me that I'm missing out on so much by sleeping until 9:00. The only thing I'd be missing is my pillow! Just not a morning person. But check me out at midnight. There's so much he is missing!

Well I have good news for my friend Deb. I told you about her. I am a lung cancer mentor for her for Gilda's Club. She was terrified of getting WBR for her brain mets, and elected for gamma knife surgery instead. As she was on the operating table, her radiologist ran in to stop the surgery, as they found more mets.

I had her talk to cancergrace about WBR, but she was still terrified. I explained how well my Mom did with it, too. But she still hesitated. Then yesterday I see this on facebook: "Great news from the doctor everyone. I responded well to therapy and tumors have decreased significantly in size. There are no new tumors. That nasty stomach flu virus is taking a toll on me right now but glad to hear that's all it is. Thanks to ALL for continued prayers! "

I commented with a Yeah Deb! And she wrote back this: "Thanks to you Judy. The story about your mom played an important part in my final decision to do WBR."


It was not my place to try to convince her of any treatment. But I am allowed to encourage. Which I did, and am so glad I did. She is 55 years old.

So Annette, I'm sure you'll be fascinated to know that today I'm scrubbing bathrooms and toilets. Whew! What a life! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hope you all have a good rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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Judy (MI) - I have much knowledge to share with you....now I don't know from personal experience of course - but I have seen many commercials where someone sprays this stuff from a bottle and these little scrubbing bubbles come out and clean up the whole bathroom. Iffn I ever feel like I better do something like that - well - there is that Food Lion right on the way home from work. (And if the scrubbing bubbles don't do it for you - what you do is tell Randy that you ran into Mr. Clean and you would much prefer to keep Randy that start over - betcha he helps then.)


And as an aside - Keith got his physical today everything was good except for his triglycerides - they were up a little so the doctor was telling him what he needed to cut down on. (That poor man is gonna starve to death in my house. I did, being the nice person that I am, volunteer to eat all the chocolate from now on. At least I can do that for him. There were a few other goodies on his list but that one struck me first.)

Ok - I'll stop rambling for now,


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Well Annette, I was so happy to find a can of those Scrubbing Bubbles you talked about. I hurried into the bathroom, eager to see those little buggers get to work.

Carefully reading the instructions, I shook the can vigorously. With great anticipation, I removed the soap container, toothpaste, hair gel, and actually put them away. Hardly able to contain myself, I pushed the yellow button, and I heard Pcchhsst! those bubbles came out onto the sink. I looked at them expectantly, and looked and looked and looked. And well, I hate to tell you this, but they didn't do ANYTHING!!!!!

I went back to the instructions and it said I had to use a rag and wipe the sink with the scrubbing bubbles! Darn it! And then I had to rinse the darned thing out.


I was so hopeful.

MI Judy

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That is so very disappointing Judy - I'm very glad I didn't stop at the Food Lion and purchase those things myself. Whatever will we do now. I mean - what is this world coming to when you can't take a commercial at face value. Maybe that is why they created DVR's so we could stop being misled by commercials. I am truly sorry that you have to wipe that sink down yourself. I will have to rush out and do some more research and see what I can come up with.



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Hi All

You know I am sorry I didnt get hearing aids before. I think its self conscienceness and what people might say. I think with the old ones, they are called bannanas today, they were very conspicious but the ones I have if the hair groes just a bit more, remember I had it all cut off a few weeks ago, then they are almost invisible but I have such an improvement that i dont actually care what is said. The only downside is the price, I am now armless and legless.


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