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Ok - where is everyone - I know why I'm late, I was at court with my nephew and I know why Judy (KW) is late cause I just talked to her on the phone a few minutes ago. That's right - I am so excited she should be Judy in Richmond sometime early this afternoon. It is a little gray outside today, very overcast and wintery feeling even though I did not wear a coat today. But today is going to be a great day to actually meet someone that has become a fast friend on here.

I suppose I should get busy working so I don't feel too bad sliding out this afternoon.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 64 degrees as I rode to work this morning. We had storms during the night, and even a tornado warning just west of me, but the storms cleared out just before time for me to ride to work, so I watched the lightning off in the east as I rode in. Forecast high is 79, a lot cooler than the 90's of the last few days.

I went crappie fishing at Lake Aquilla on Saturday, and caught lots of shallow crappie on a jig and bobber rig. I caught more than a 25 fish limit, but just kept 16 of the better ones.

Yesterday, I spent the day doing my taxes. It was the earliest I've done them in quite a few years, a result of the deadline being on a Friday this year. Daughter Marie and granddaughter Chloe came over for a fish dinner.

KW Judy, there are induction furnaces at the plant where I work. Does Stan ever get to Fort Worth?

Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Judy in MI, I had a great laugh when I read your post, er well about the post that you didn't post. LOL Remember yesterday when I lost mine because you posted the same time. LOL I'm only teasing ya. I know how it feels after typing all that then losing it.

Annette I hope that you and KW Judy are going to take a picture and post it. So happy for you to be meeting a member of this family. I was supposed to meet a member a couple years ago when I was going to be in her City on business. I couldn't reach her when I got there and found out after that she was in hospital for 10 days. Never did get to meet. So enjoy !!!!

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Hi Everybody,

Week 2 of my holidays,sorry guys and gals those of you who are working-shame-shame,just to rub it in,HR just phoned me there,to tell me that my solicitor had been in contact and that a meeting was called to-day to discuss my departure with her and the Principal also 2 Assistant Principals(I know there's 4 APs plus a Deputy)well anyway,she put my case for earlier departure and HR asked me if 13th or 20th of May was suitable,well I hate long goodbyes so 13th of May it is.

Gosh I feel a bit funny? 39 years of teaching,what have I done? no I had to take this offer,just I am going to miss my colleagues and students,two and a half years from now it would have been compulsory,without a financial deal,anyway I have you guys to help fill the void.Well money if I think about it is the reason why we work essentially,isnt it?Well with Aunt Nora's and Uncle Charlie's money, tucked away in the bank,my severance deal and pension lump sum,half pay for the rest of my life,I no longer need to work.Sorry guys,I am sharing these thoughts with you,hoping you can see my reasons,that these are not intended for me to show off to you,anyway its really no big deal,not a lottery win.I am concerned that losing a structure of work in my life I may find things difficult adjusting to.I hate change,i just really want things to stay the same forever,but I know they cannot,time to move on and find pastures new,eh?.

Lighten up Eric,count your blessings,OK yesterday,kids didnt come to Dots,the weather was so good their Mum (Jacqualine)decided to take them to the sea-side.Well I decided Sally, Dot and Jim would go to the sea-side also,glorious day,Firth of Clyde at its best,just so beautiful,went to Largs then to my favourite restaurant there at the yachting marina,gosh the boats there and the type of parked cars,you can smell the money,open top posh sports cars and the jet set youngsters milling about-some oldsters as well.Well shock horror-the restaurant is closed for refurbishment-rats,a local tells me it just closed last week,but pointed me to another down the road at Seamill,attached to a garden centre,well we all shared a lovely meal,picked up some tourist brochures for Invarary Castle and Louden Castle and several other exciting things to visit,thinking of being retired and taking Max,Mia,Jack and Emma on excursions,what fun to look forward to.

Spent all day to-day painting walls,just the upper landing area to do,but the painting and the bright sunshine of spring coming in my windows has shown up the white painted woodwork,doors,architraves and skirtings a bit yellow,so just added to my work schedule.Big day to-morrow,one waited for 25 years,yes-I am going to clear off the final £6000 outstanding in my mortgage and setting up a special credit card account for my USA 7 week vacation,dont want to be caught short,I just havent a clue about how far money goes in America,I have heard restaurant eating is much cheaper and to watch my waistline since your portions tend to be on the large side,accommodation? balance between cost and quality isnt it,

what would be a good average for full board per day,dost thou thinkest?Gosh look at the time,need to dash,dinner gong has just gone,try to get back later,Byee.

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'm back. I didn't go back to bed. I made my grocery list, went shopping, and came home and threw a big pot of navy bean and ham soup in the crock pot. Now I'm heading out again to get some french bread, salad, and prescriptions.

The reason for all the coughing is the weather was 80 and very windy and hubby wanted the windows open. I'm horribly allergic to dust, and spent the day coughing very violently. Today my body is hurting. Feel like someone took a baseball bat to my ribs.

But I'm okay.

Eric, it really depends on where you go as to the price of an average meal. In Michigan, we can get a good breakfast and coffee for about $10.00 average. Same for lunch. Dinners, depending on what you order can vary. But the large cities prices are much higher than the smaller areas. I was floored when I went to Hawaii, and a teeny glass of orange juice was $6.00!!!!! This was in Maui. Breakfast for one was about $25.00. Yikes!

Congrats on the mortgage. What a great feeling. And congrats on being able to retire comfortably. I don't think anyone would begrudge of you that.

My advice? Volunteer (which I'm thinking you will be inclined to do anyway). There are so many places that need help, you could volunteer as much as you want and feel very fulfilled!

K, off to the store again.

Judy in MI

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Nobody had as great an afternoon as I did - except maybe Judy in Richmond!!!

I spent a great afternoon talking to Judy and we even got pictures that I will ask Bud to kindly post for me when she e-mails them to me. I was so excited to meet someone from here - especially Judy who was one of the first to welcome me here. I can't even remember everything we talked about but I will say that I was right in my thinking that she was smart, witty and had a great style about her. Now I know why it was so easy to consider her part of my on-line family and friend.

I think I may just go crazy waiting for the summer when I get to meet Eric.

Well it's after quitting time so I guess I better get myself out of here. I was so excited about today - I never even checked on FaceBook - now that says it all!


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Hi Annette,

I am so pleased you met JudyKW,cannot wait to see the pics,yes I am so looking forward to meeting you and Keith in July,it is regretful for me that JudyKW ,Bud in Texas and Ned in Hawaii,the very first to welcome me here,will not be on my itinerary to the USA on my vacation,its so difficult,missing California,Texas and Florida,maybe,with Gods Blessing I will get a return visit in 2012 and fill in the blank spaces.I also have regrets in not getting to meet many other stalwarts here,JudyMI,Becky,Kasey and Fred,Dawn,Ginnie,Stephanie,Muriel, gosh so many others,please forgive, if you are not included in my list,I had promised myself never to attempt such a list previously in case my dymensia leaves any one out,bettcha to my eternal shame I have?.I have to make a special mention of Libby for her long term absence,hoping she will make a return and soon,I am so worried about her,also another mention for Ned,I so miss his mature and experienced reflections on all aspects of LC,to those seeking his advice.Good night everyone I hope you had a great day,see you all to-morrow.

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