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Saturday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Well, B-B-Q today,I know in America your weather situation means you can plan these with confidence well ahead of the occassion,without the risk of being rained out,not in Scotland-despite being in the middle of a settled period of weather sunny in the morning for eg,by the time you set up all the barbie stuff,it can be pouring-everyone retreating under the Gazeebo.Well its completely overcast just now,no wind at all,looking at the leaves on the trees outside my window they are absolutely still-calm before the storm?well just maybe the sun will burn away the clouds by pm.

Just about to leave and drop Sally at her work,buy some niceities, food and drinks for this afternoon.

Judy MI,I thought America was proudly Christian? I would have never guessed Good Friday was not a public holiday?does this mean you are also working Easter Monday?.Oh when I arrive in America-the changes I am going to make,this list is just getting longer and longer,maybe I will pop into to see President Obama when I am in Washington DC.I thought everyone knew Randy was one of the Grillinguys,can we borrow him for our barbie-I just love lamb chops.

Talking of the weather,you do get the extremes though,hurricanes and tornadoes,love to watch film of these from a distance of course-must be terrifying going through either of those sitting at home-thinking your house is going to do a Dorothy as in the Wizard of Oz.Good idea changing roads to one way in an emergency isnt it?.

Well got to go,Sally's getting impatient to leave,have a great day everyone,I will try and drop by later to-night.Bye

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Used to be that on Good Friday, businesses closed in the afternoon to allow employees to attend church services. Some larger companies give their employees a paid holiday, but shops work, some even working on Easter Sunday! After all, the American blue collar worker is just another machine, and machines don't need time off. I don't think "Easter Monday" has ever been a day off, but I very well could be wrong.

Saturday here, the landlord said he'd be here at 8:00 to replace the master bathroom shower with a larger shower. Not happy to have to get up early on a Saturday, but okay... So I'm up, it's 8:30 and he finally shows up. Nope, not a bigger shower, won't work with the existing drain. Oh, did we NOT measure the door? New shower will not come in the house. Plan B: replace the fixtures. Don't know how that is going to replace the rotten boards under the floor of the shower, but we'll see...

He just came out, the fixtures he bought won't work, so now, I have a non-working shower (he took it apart) instead of just a leaking shower. Nice...he'll try to get it fixed yet today. Not sure what plan we are to now, but definitely working our way through the alphabet...

And boy, do I feel like a full-fledged grouch today. Rainy and muddy, and when the landlord and his helper said it was a bad day to do what they'd set up to do, and they'd be tracking up the house, I told him they'd be cleaning up, too. Duh!

Maybe I should find a quiet place to take a nap, before someone gets hurt...

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Not a really great day here for a BBQ either Eric. Neighbor's returned from a 2 month vacation in Arizona and are dropping by for a BBQ this afternoon. It is -3C/26F and foggy now and it only forecast to reach 6C/42F this afternoon. Supposed to warm up for the rest of the week. Of course it would because I have to travel up north for work on Tuesday.

Doesn't sound like your day is starting off very good Becky. That's what happens if the landlord try's to be a DIY'er rather than hire a professional. Hopefully they will get it sorted out.

Most employee's in Canada get Good Friday and Easter Monday off as paid holiday's. Some employee's do have to work but they are usually paid overtime for those day's.

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Hi all,

Eric, I don't remember ever getting Easter Monday off. Like Becky said, it used to be that companies would give you Good Friday afternoon off to go to church services, but over the years, sadly I've seen that go away too. Don't even get me started on our administration and their "rules" about religion. Please do stop by W.D.C. and give Obama a piece of your mind.

It's sunny and 55 here now. However we had a heck of a storm go through last night. Lost power twice. And our back yard is no longer yard. The giant rainfall created mini rivers in our walk way and it's just a mess! Randy got his tractor out and tried to smoothe it out, but it's just so wet. We've got so much rain that half our dock is under water. I've never seen that before in the seven years we've been here.

As for weather extremes, we do get them here Eric. Here in Michigan, the worst is a blizzard or tornado. Those can do tremendous damage. My family was out boating when I was a little girl, and the weather got bad. We hurriedly battened down the hatches and headed for home. The storm was raging when it forced us off the road. Dad had to try to get four kids into this church (imagine we got forced off the road at a church?). As we ran inside, there were services going on. My Dad screamed "TORNADO!!!!!!". People were ducking for cover as the roof of the church came off! Literally. Glass was flying everywhere, it was pure chaos. Someone saw me running, and grabbed me and pulled me under the pew to safety. Bless her.

Becky, I don't blame you for being gouchy! Do it yourself landlords are the worst!

Bruce, 42 out and a BBQ? Does not sound like fun. We have a grill on our deck, so we BBQ all year long, but in the cold, we enjoy it inside in the warmth!

I slept in today. It was so nice and I'm so rested now. Got some shopping done, and now settling in for the rest of the day and evening.

Take care all,

Judy in MI

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Hard to believe I am just turning my computer on at 8 p.m. I have been such a slug. I slept until noon went out to the grocery store and now we are going to have a movie night. Don't know why I am so tired.

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend - we are having a spiral ham tomorrow - no barbecue here.


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