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Sundays Air!!


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Easter Sunday Warm and nice for services in the cemetery where Deb and Daisy are now. The rising sun reminds me of the reason for the holiday but Am Sad for Neds Family today and so many others we have lost over the years. Definitely a bittersweet kind of day. Spent yesterday making deliveries to family and friends for Easter Treats From bakery. Nice day for it. Today is going to mid 80's and soon trying to muster energy to get outside and do some work hopefully! Want to get started on my new garden box around mailbox so gotta get motivated to measure, cut and Stain Lumber for it to go in !! Dinner with Parents tonight and back to work in the AM!!!

Remember the reason for the Season and Have a Great Easter Sunday today! ((((Everyone))))!!

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Morning All! Morning Randy. Sounds like a nice holiday weekend you're having. I'm traveling but that's o.k. We'll be home later this afternoon. I'm ready.

Haven't been on in a couple of days. Spend some time each of the last couple of days at Wendy's. Spent time and energy, I should say. Didn't do much but by the time I got back to the couch I was done. Feeling better every day though not up to much activity yet.

Saw Ned in Grieving so need to go read. Am so sad.

Judy enroute to KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 68 degrees here right now. Forecast high is 86. We got 60 mph winds during last night's storm, and have a chance for more storms today.

I made another short fishing trip to Benbrook yesterday. The wind was blowing so hard that I figured I'd just stay close to home. I caught 7 keeping size crappie, but I've already kept enough crappie this week that I just released them.

I managed to injure my left hand when I jammed it on the counter top yesterday. It's swollen to the point that a couple of knuckles have disappeared. I was going to do a club ride this morning, but just decided to stay home and rest today.

Glad you're starting to feel better, KW Judy. Happy Easter, everyone!

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Hey folks

Little cool here this morning but clear blue sky's and the temperature should rise.

Friends from the north are driving down today and staying overnight. Have a nice dinner and then a few pop's sitting around the firepit. Should be fun.

Judy KW, I'm sure that you are getting excited to get back to your own home. A little rest in your favorite chair will be nice.

No procrastinating Randy. LOL

Hope your hand feels better soon Bud. That is not good for riding or fishing.

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So Bruce what time is Santa Claus coming?? I think he is only one further north than you!!! :D Sorry need to laugh today is all!! :wink:

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Good to have a laugh at the guys teasing each other. I hope Randy made it outside - it is beautiful here - we have all the windows open but I am taking things very slow - my back is absolutely screaming. I don't know how I messed it up but I will probably have to go see a doctor tomorrow - after court. I made dessert and have to get back up to start working on the sweet potatoes and ham (which is in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator - should be fun getting that out). I washed a few dishes and thought I was gonna cry bending over to put the dishwasher.

I was glad to see Judy post that she is on her way home - and feeling "better". Maybe the next round will hit the cycle you first thought since you know more what to expect. Hope you have (had) a safe journey down the keys and rest easy at home tonight.

Bud I hope your hand feels better and the swelling goes down.

I'm trying to decide if I want to go into work in the morning and go to court from there. If I could make myself get up and go in early that would be the way to go. I'm salaried so the hours don't really matter except I would like to go to the family counseling session Monday night since the kid is over 1/2 way through the 8 week substance abuse program.

I think I will lay down a bit and get some advil on board so I can stand up and get dinner done. My mom and nephew will be here in a while - think we will watch the latest Harry Potter movie after dinner.

Hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather today,


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Good morning and Happy Easter to everyone. Judy I am so glad to learn that you are feeling better and that you will be home today. Bud take care of that hand, you still have a lot of fishing ahead of you and it helps if you have both hands. Randy I understand how you feel. I have those same feelings each time a celebration is due. I guess we will always feel a little lost without the one who was so much a part of us.

I know that there are many heavy hearts today. We are all so sad about the loss of Ned. My constant prayer is that soon no one will be lost to any kind of cancer and no one will have to fear those terrible words that so many dread.

Today on this beautiful Easter Sunday as we celebrate the miracle of Easter I have a very special prayer for mankind. I pray that God will fill our hearts with so much love and compassion that there will be no room for, fear, greed, hate, discrimination and violence. I pray that we learn to appreciate one another for our differences instead of hating them. If we could live as Jesus told us and love one another as he loves us we would have so much more time to search for cures to cancer and so many other things. Who knows maybe then mankind as a whole would be much more worth saving from all of those things.

God bless and to those of you on Face Book thank you for your prayers for my nieces husband Paul. He is doing much better today. Please keep up the prayers.

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Annette we must have posted at the same time. I hope you start to feel better soon. I know how bad a back can get to you and how quickly. Try alternating heat and ice if you can. That should help. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Happy Easter to you and your mom and nephew.

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It's Sunday night, and my heart is heavy with the news about Ned. Tomorrow I am meeting with my newest person that wanted a lung cancer mentor. We're meeting for lunch. Can't wait to meet her.

Tomorrow night I am at Gilda's Club to help mentor a newly diagnosed woman and her husband. They requested someone, and since I am the only mentor, it's me. I love doing this, but at times it becomes a burden, that I willingly take on, given my circumstances. But a lot of the folks I've worked with are no longer here, and I try to not let that bring me down about my future.

We had a beautiful Easter. But yesterday was a horrible day for me. It has nothing to do with cancer. I'll write about it later, as I don't want to write about my stuff when we are mourning Ned and are so concerned with the needs of the family.

I'm just feeling spent tonight. I'll write more later.

Hugs and love to you all.

Judy in MI

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