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Saturday's Air


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Wow! It's pretty late to just be opening the windows for the air today. But I'll do it. If I collide with a moderator, please put me in my proper place! :-)

It's gorgeous here....well, amend that ....it's cloudy but looks to clear up and supposed to be 66 today. Wowser.

I'm opening up what windows with screens that my beasts did not destroy, and I'm cleaning. The house really needs it badly, and Hubs is up North fishing, so it's a perfect day for it.

Tonight I'm taking myself out for dinner! We have a local joint here that is very friendly. I know all of the staff, and don't feel at all out of place sitting there having dinner alone. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for the support in my Test Time Update. I'm doing well, and am quite thankful for the good news. Life can be tough, it's a relief when we find out it's not going to be as tough as you might have imagined it to be!

Have a great day! Hope all of you are outside enjoying brilliant weather!

Judy in MI

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Dang Judy - lost my post - didn't realize we posted at the same time.

I slept pretty late this morning because when we got back from "Beauty and the Beast" I had to watch some of the 6 hours of Wedding DVR. Even fastforwarding I didn't get to bed til after 2 a.m. So I have only been up a couple of hours.

My daughter called and it looks like they accepted the bid she put in on her first house - she is so excited and it's it a pretty good neighborhoood in Virginia Beach instead of Chesapeake - which makes me happy.

I am thinking about taking another nap. Can't stop yawning so I must need more sleep. I'll check in later - looks like everyone is out having fun - I hope so anyway.


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Hey Judy and Annette, I wish I was on of us that's been outside enjoying the lovely weather. I have in fact be in misery again, started about two yesterday all thru the evening. Tossed and turned for a couple of hrs before finally sleeping til near seven. Misery still present. When I say misery, I mean constant ongoing naseau, headaches and gas pains that just won't quite. Have Zofron, gas-x and now a script for Compazine. Wendy also recommended Mylocon. Not sure of the spelling. It's otc and comes in generic. First Stan or I have to get the ambition to go to the store.

Judy, I had a local restaurant like that in Kutztown. Have never been able to duplicate it here. I miss that.

Annette, so happy your daughter appears to be getting her house and that it is closer to you. Miss my daughter (5 hrs away now) being close so much.

O.k., I'm off. The only good thing about things now is that it's almost time to take more medicine and hope for relief.

Judy in KW

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It is beautiful here in So. Oregon - finally - and on a weekend no less! So nice I can't quite decide what to do. I started with finally trying to put some of the winter clothes away (hopefully if they're gone, the cold weather would not dare return). Then got sidetracked into cleaning out closets and making Goodwill piles. That made a mess of course - so then I decided to start cleaning. Stirred up lots of dust so I couldn't breathe, and ended up outdoors playing with the dogs. Actually accomplished almost nothing - I seem to be getting better at that lately.

Annette - such good news about your daughter's house. There's nothing quite the same as your first.

Judy MI - enjoy your dinner - sounds like a great place. Judy KW - I am so sorry you are feeling so miserable and wish there was something I could do beside keeping you in my thoughts and sending Hugs! Hope the meds have kicked in and you are feeling a little better.


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Judy, I hope the Compazine works! That is what they gave me, and it seemed to keep the nausea under fairly good control. Wishing you to feel better now!

Well, am thankful and ticked off. LOL. Thankful that I got all the vacumming done, got the floors mopped, and the dusting done. Then when I'm ready to play and relax the power went out. No reason. Sun is shining, beautiful day. It's been out for 3 hours now.

I have a auto on generator so I'm can't complain. But it just keeps the minimum on, water, toilets, refrigerators, freezers, furnace, and two bathroom lights, office lights and the kitchen lights. But that's it. It's a huge generator, but so is our house. It's going to be a long dark night tonight if it does not come back on.

Guess my idea of dinner out was a good one. I unhitched the garage door, and I'll have to leave it open, and lock the inside doors when I leave.

Diane, I cracked up at your story. That is so me! Today I began with vacuuming, got distracted by some dirt on the wall, then noticed dog hair on the window sill, and on and on it went! LOL

Judy in MI

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I just want to say that I did not clean any or get distracted by any dirt today. I'm on Judy (KW) side - taking it easy hoping that I am helping her feel better by lounging about. If not I will continue to lounge the rest of the evening away.

Looks like the girls are ruling the air today.


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Hi Girls,

You are right Annette the guys are nowhere to be seen,I always think it strange at weekends the posts are slow when we all have more time at our disposal?.Well I suppose we have all planned something to do at the weekends.

We Scots have been so blessed with our weather recently, our media have been reporting about all the storms and tornados in the USA,its so sad so many people have had their houses trashed,worse the number of people who have lost their lives?we dont get people losing their lives to the weather,maybe soaked occassionally being caught out in a sudden downpour.

Annette isnt it just wonderful your daughter being successful in getting her first house?gosh the happy memories that brings back to me,my first house I bought in 1971 cost guess what? £800,about $1200 and although a bit smaller than subsequent houses,I think that house has my happiest of memories.

Aw JudyMI,I am so sorry to read you are still not 100% wish the whole nausea thing could dissapear from you,its so debilitating,oh I just hate that feeling.Hope it goes soon as.

Well I have posted in my pics of todays jaunt,couldnt have enjoyed myself more,the weather has been so good recently,still got a couple of days holiday to go,where to next I wonder?,so many things to see so little time to catch them all,but I am trying.

Well its now Sunday here,ABC in the morning,I will sleep on what to do next.Good night all enjoy the rest of your evening.Bye

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