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Congratulations on your 25 years as a colon cancer survivor!

SC - limited is certainly better than extensive. We have a lot of people here who have survived SCLC for quite a while. Hopefully, some of them will see your post and respond. I don't know much about small cell, as I was diagnosed with NSCLC - 8 years ago.

Best wishes. I hope you like our LC support site - the people are wonderful!


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Wow, this is your second time dealing with the big C.

First I am so glad that you found this site. Lots of great info and support here.

SCLC is very sensitive to chemo. I have friends that were diagnosed over 10 yrs ago that are still fine now, one even had mets to the brain ( that was treated) . Most even without evidence of brain mets eventually get preventative whole brain radiation. How are you tolerating the chemo?

I pray you have those wonderful results too! Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Welcome to this place,

It's really nice to have a place to get and give support to others like us. It's also a place for Caregivers to get and give support.

How are the treatments going? How are you feeling physically? Is it having an impact on your normal life situation?

I hope you come back and write more about yourself so we can get to know you! We are really nice folks! :-)

Judy in MI

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Hi grannytsb,

Hello,Welcome to LCSC,boy have you fallen on your feet discovering this place,its a wee gold mine of brill people,everyone here is so friendly and supportive I can also add fun to be with,so pull up a chair and sit down and relax,enjoy the banter.

Boy youve had your share havent you? colon cancer to kick off with?,well you certainly kicked that one into touch, now sclc,I am sorry,by the way check out my Glaswegian buddy Robert Lowes story in the My Story Forum,that is sure to give you a wee lift.There are many other example of sclc survivors here doing really well to boot.Wishing you all the very best as you proceed through your treatments,may they bring the very minimum of discomfort and the maximum of benefits.Share your journey with us,we can certainly lighten your load,you are never alone here,we are with you now every day.Looking forward to getting to know you.

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